Monday, 5 October 2009

Full Circle With Tigerr

Similar to the fantasy I started the Tigerr secion with, this one.

I love the idea that the lady of the house embraces the fantasy, and then adds that little bit more. I said in one of my comments that I'm an incurable romantic, but obviously this is purely from the male perspective. Even more obvious is the fact that I can't get any first hand experience of the female romanic perspective. I hope you ladies will forgive this, it's all I have to work with! I am more than willing to be educated, though.

P.S. Find more of her at: and


crayle said...

LOVE! the "Tigerr" series! You have a gift for selecting photos and enhancing them with truly arousing captions.

Does your work appear anywhere else?

ptathuk said...


Thank you for your encouragement.

I did some captions for Indy at Indecisive Captions, a few years ago.


j said...

Another completely brilliant set of posts. It's just such a relief to know that someone else shares the exact same fascination as I do. Since admitting my submissiveness and attraction to enforced male chastity, I've not only completely reinvented my marriage, but I've found the truest, realest contentment with myself that I can remember. Your thoughts are inspiring and refreshing, my friend, and reading you always provokes me to post as well. I'm at

God bless, comrade.

lock4ever said...

I couldn't resist re-captioning some of the Tiger photos.. she is sooo hot and your work got me inspired.

Check it out.. here

ptathuk said...


Thank you for the encouragement.

As you can see, I'm now following your blog.

I would be curious to know if your Mrs has any comments, too. The male psychy can be a scary place, so don't feel obligated.

Continued good luck


Just added you to my followed blogs. Loved your captions. I feel honoured that some of the images I've found, and/or alterred have inspired a caption of your own.

Thank you, both.