Sunday, 30 September 2012

Throw-away Blogging

I've noticed that some blogs now no longer have pages, just one big page. For Internet connects that are not that great, it is almost impossible to go to the beginning of the blog. The whole page will never load.

There must be a number of unfounded assumptions that make this design desirable?
- Internet connections are perfect everywhere, all of the time.
- Those that are going to read the blog will discover it as soon as it is started.
- Once discovered, followers will read it, even when on holiday.

Or is it that those blogs made more than a few days ago should be quickly forgotten?

I think this is a sad comment on our seemingly instant gratification / throw-away lifestyle. Must we really have that iDo-Hicky the very day it goes on sale?

I might not be on the bleeding-edge of technology, but I find I get less paper cuts this way. Enjoy the fantasies...

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Deleted Blog

For those wondering where my second blog has gone, it's been deleted by Blogger. The reason given in the e-mail I received was that one of the blogs contained child porn.

I am mortified that this could happen. I did not recognise any of my captioned images as containing such material, and it appals me that I let any such image slip through. I would like to go on record that I am a firm believer in "Safe, sane and consensual" sexual activity, and by definition any child will be incapable of making an informed consensual choice.

The complete removal of an entire blog may seem extreme, but child porn is so abhorrent that the measure is justified.

I will simply have to be more vigilant in future with the images I choose to caption.