Monday, 30 November 2009

Unable to Speak He Just Dribbled

Looking down on the couch I just had to listen to what she was saying. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Bondage is a lovely gift to give to a loved one. If obviously demonstrates a great deal of trust. Wearing a chastity belt (again, obviously) is that same demonstration of trust. I know, I'm just a big, romantic softy, at heart!

Making The Most Of Honesty

If you've read my blog for any length of time, you'll know that I'm a firm believer in 'honesty is the best policy'. I hope I continue to encourage people to be honest with one another. All too often in our lives honesty has the element of surprise. Just think how wrong that is.

Games, Games And More Games

There are many games all over the net, designed to keep you locked up for longer. Here's another one.

P.S. If you're wondering why the website info is on the slant, the whole photo was on the slant. I just straightened it. I thought the young lady looked better upright, rather than pissed!

I've noticed many photographers angle their shots. I know why they sometimes do it; its to get as much flesh as possible in frame. However, it does annoy me, sometimes. Anyway, I just crop the thing so it pleases me, asthetically. It's my blog, and I'll rotate if I want to! So there!


Making a house into a home can be pretty exhausting, especially when you both work all day. Would this insentive work on you?

Taking Holiday By Going Nowhere

When one has spent an age making a house into a home, it seems strange to me that anyone would want to run away from it. I suppose there is the idea that meeting new people is good for us?

How about just tell all your friends you're going away, but then play some games at home? I would love to play house and home with this lovely looking oriental lady!

Arguing Deals

If only it was easy to negociate a deal. Some people love the thrust and parry of the argument. Some, (like me), prefer to get on with it. Obviously I don't think that a long drawn out negociation is fun. I do think that with any S&M / BDSM / TPE there has to be a discussion of limits. But it is a means to an end, not the end itself.

Don't get me wrong, if arguing is your bag, then good for you. It's just not for me. I look forward to the point, below...

Friday, 27 November 2009

Cricketed's Blog Gone

I've just noticed that this blog has been deleted by the blogger, or so the message says. I do hope everything is all right. It's always sad when something good dissapears.

If you feel like adding a comment of explanation, please do.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Professional Services

I love the description that Terry Pratchett gives to members of the Seamstress Guild: "Ladies of negociable virtue". Clearly domination services are not prostitution, especially if the services are like this:

Free to Make No More Descisions

I think it is very freeing being submissive. No more descisions; a complete rest from reality. (Rather like this blog - most of the time!)

Spare a thought, though, for your loved one. If they're not a natural sadist, they need a break too. Don't be selfish!

P.S. I'd like to thank the English Mansion for making these images. Please visit them. They are all lovely looking ladies.

More Help Than Required

In any partnership, both have to live with the descision of one. Some may be good, some not so good. If you found this upon your return home, how would you react?

Life's a Beach!

It's always difficult sharing your innermost fantasies with someone. Here I am in perfect annonimity. I don't have to worry about being pointed at in the street, or some such. It's safe here!

Fantasies on the other hand sometimes contain some danger, to make them exciting.

Special Requests of Love

I've always wanted a lady that could almost read my mind. I see so much communication go astray. I don't think honesty should'nt be that difficult. Am I too much the idealist? I hope not.

Sources of Ideas

It's difficult to know how this kind of play would be received by friends. In modern times its far easier, as there are so many web sites that have forums only too eager to offer insights. Sadly, I think such a boon reduces the oportunity for face-to-face communication skills. Not sure how to solve this one, other than to point it out, and hope anyone that reads this will take it on board. We live in wonderful, troubled times.

Introductions to the Religion

There are some religions that introduce themselves to vulnerable people, by parading a happy family in front of them. The sub-text is: you too can be this happy, if you join our religion. I can't comment on the motivations of these people, as I've only met a very small number. However, I think that the whole thing would be far more meaningful, and more in keeping with the central message of these religions (love thy nieghbour), if help was given unconditionally. Only then, when the troubled and vulnerable are stronger, should they be encouraged to join the religion.

Meanwhile, back at the fantasy. Getting ideas from another couple could help those new to the chastity fetish get a head start. It would certainly ease the burden on the budding domme.

Angels Of Mercy

I think the Nursing profession deserves far more than society gives it. Having experienced how dedicated some of these people can be. (Steriotypically ladies, I know, but guys make good Nurses too.)

My mind wanders all over the place, as most of you know! So, what if there was a black nurse? Oh, still dedicated to helping others, but...

Submissive Dommes

It's a trmendous creative strain, to be domme all of the time. So, some of my fantasies revolve around giving her a break. No rest for the wicked, though!

Friday, 13 November 2009


My last lady friend was not a fan, sadly. My ex was a fan; she had several. I've conversed with a couple of ladies on forums that hated them. (Very sad.) I can't help but think this kind of garment is totally impractical, but oh so sexy. Definately a guy thing! I think the attraction for me is the tease aspect. It's a garment that is so insignificant, it might as well not be there. Oh yes, definately a guy thing!


I'd like to think this blog will encourage couples to share their fantasies, and the ladies will encourage their loved ones to fully confess. Or is this just another of my fantasies? Let's hope not!

Never Too Old

Just as it is appealing to think back to when you were young, so that you have a lifetime of kinkiness ahead of you, don't think that it's ever too late to start the kinkiness.

Knowing someone for so long should make it easier, shouldn't it?

The Young Get Younger

I don't think I'm going through a mid-life crisis. (Then again!) I like the more cuddly, mature ladies, as that type of fantasy seems more real. However, I also like to remaniss. (Definately a sign of advancing year!) What would it be like to be young, today? To have the Internet as an instant source of information, and a method of contacting people? This obviously leads to fantasies that picture an equally young lady, but perhaps with a mischievious streak well beyond her tender years.

So, those of you who are more mature. Think back. What would it be like?

Missing It

I've just gone theough all my comments, and I've noticed that I've missed a few of your kind words. I hope you can forgive my tardiness?

What prompted me to do this was finding, for the second time, a comment containing an advert link. I just make these dissapear, without trace or comment. To the very small minority: this is not something I'll allow. Please don't do it.

To the majority: Thank you for your comments, your ideas and encouragement. It means a lot to me to know you all enjoy my blog. These captions are for you as much as they are therapy for me.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Two Minds As One

Evolution happens imperceptably slowly. (Next point.) Is telepathy or true empathy beyond the realms of possibilty? (Next point. And the biggy!) Is power exchange the first step to empathy?

How would we deal with a partner that could share our every little thought and emotion? Are we mature enough to handle the reverse: sharing theirs? I suspect it's something we will have to deal with as and when it comes. Let's hope we make a better job of it than that portraied in Babylon 5. (Thought Police - shudder!)

Study And A Playroom

When I win the lottery, (ah-hem), I'd like to build rooms for every occasion. This would be high on my 'to build' list.


Some are better than others at observing the moods of others. I happen to be awful at it. (I'm lovely with it, though!) I guess I'd prefer a more open and transparent world to take all the guesswork out of relationships. Who knows where that might lead, though?

Happiness Is A Fantasy Realised

I keep coming back to this one. Obvious why!

Miss Chastity 2008

Hands up those that think beauty contests are degrading to women.

What if one of the consequesnces of the title was that the husband or boyfriend had to stay locked in chastity, for the duration of the title? Still degrading?

Anyway, I'd love to have this young lady on my arm, for a nice meal and a walk in the park. Yes, even with her title.

All together, now: I Like Big Butts

You may have noticed I like curvy ladies and oriental ladies. This time its the curvy representative's turn.

I think there is something very special about a large lady with a relatively tiny waist. I even find cellulite attractive under these conditions. Why? Haven't a clue, and don't care!

Caption! Caption! My kingdom for a caption.

A little while ago there was a suggestion from the audience that I post an image and invite captions. I'm not sure this image doesn't work without a caption, but have a go, anyway.

Think how may horses you could scare inserting this somewhere in the holiday album!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Reaping Rewards

I hope that this blog has inspired a few of you to share your fantasies with someone special. As good as the Net is for proving you're not alone, it can be very lonely away from the keyboard & screen. Take a chance, and good luck.

The Measure Of A Fantasy

I've just noticed that I've broken the 30 follower mark. Thank you, guys.

There are lots of communities on the Net that I think perform one very important function: proof we're not alone!

As long as you don't scare the horses, or the straights, and keep it safe, sane and consensual.

The More Unreal, The More Fantastical, The Better

A good story always needs a grounding in reality. But then what about fantasy, or very advanced Sci-Fi? Suspension of disbelief can be a bit more of a stretch.

I think an active imagination is a teriffic stress relief. Taking things to an illogical or unreal conclusion is still a valid exploration, in my view. Just look how popular I Dream Of Jeannie is. (One of my favourite shows.) Or is it that we all just like looking at Barbra Eden in chifon pantaloons? Another brilliant theory shot down by an ugly fact!

Is Pre-Cum Cum?

Of course not! But what a lovely tease?

Shower Or Bath?

Do you prefer a bath or shower? I think guys mostly prefer showers to baths, and it's the opposite for the opposite sex. Any idea why?

Don't let this fantasy put you guys off a bath, though!

Nothing Wrong With Cuddles

Those that follow my blog will know I have a thing for curvy ladies. I think that only health issues should prevent a lady from remaining cuddly. I sure would love to cuddle with this lovely lady; especially if she was saying this...

Growing Together

Is it possible for couples to grow together to the point where one comes up with a fantasy, and the other gets so used to it, it almost becomes their own?

Certainly the human animal can get used to an enormous array of difficult circumstances. I think this is a good thing. I don't think it's selfish nor manipulative. As long as one is open about the selfishness and manipulation!