Monday, 30 November 2009

Games, Games And More Games

There are many games all over the net, designed to keep you locked up for longer. Here's another one.

P.S. If you're wondering why the website info is on the slant, the whole photo was on the slant. I just straightened it. I thought the young lady looked better upright, rather than pissed!

I've noticed many photographers angle their shots. I know why they sometimes do it; its to get as much flesh as possible in frame. However, it does annoy me, sometimes. Anyway, I just crop the thing so it pleases me, asthetically. It's my blog, and I'll rotate if I want to! So there!


Throne said...

Clever idea, allowing him penetration but just a limited number of 'thrusts'. A variation could be to allow him only partial entry, or even merely touching her with no more than the tip of his member. Imagine his frustration, compounded by the knowledge that he's going to be confined to his chastity again after being overstimulated but not finishing.

ptathuk said...


I'm imagining, I'm imagining! Oh, yes.