Sunday, 8 November 2009

Two Minds As One

Evolution happens imperceptably slowly. (Next point.) Is telepathy or true empathy beyond the realms of possibilty? (Next point. And the biggy!) Is power exchange the first step to empathy?

How would we deal with a partner that could share our every little thought and emotion? Are we mature enough to handle the reverse: sharing theirs? I suspect it's something we will have to deal with as and when it comes. Let's hope we make a better job of it than that portraied in Babylon 5. (Thought Police - shudder!)


Mark said...

Your blog is my favorite thing on the internet. I check daily to see if you have updated it. I feel like a kid at christmas when there are new images. I think I like it the most because I love everything you love. I love big girls, I love asian girls, and I love these sweet girls saying very dirty things. Keep up the good work.
I often worried about girls reading my mind. I worked with a girl with wonderful cleavage like the model here and wondered if she knew what I would like to do with her.

Dave said...

Love your picture. would lile to be restricted and teased whilst trying to reach your boobs.

ptathuk said...


Thank you for taking the time to comment. As I've said, the Internet is very good at proving that we're not alone.

Perhaps you should look the young lady in the eye first, to say hello?

Good luck.


Thank you for taking the time to comment. Very flattered, but I'm not that kind of a guy. Perhaps dinner and a movie, first? :-))

Thanks guys


BadBob said...

Great work, as always! Often you inspire me to caption...

"Never? That seems so hopeless, let's just say you can cum when your balls are as big as my breasts."

ptathuk said...


Lovely caption idea. Thank you.


BadBob said...

You're welcome and thanks for your appreciation!