Friday, 30 October 2009

Playing with File

No, not fire - file. Another one of those fantasies about getting stuck.

Some people love to gamble. If you have a gambling problem that costing you a fortune, how about this kind of gamble? It'd be cheeper!

Getting Stuck

It's obvious that in an emergency a steel chastity belt could bet cut off. I think there are very few designs and materials that would be inescapable. The truely permanent chastity belt must remain a fantasy, for the majority who fantasise about such things.

Silicon Is So Common

Silicon is everywhere! It's in glass, computers, deserts, and even the beach. It's most common form, silicon oxide, is the main component of sand. Lovely stuff; can be quite abrasive. Don't confuse it with oil, if you want to use it for a chastity belt!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Another Red

I love this series, as Red is as lovely as always.

I forgot to mention, she's also done quite a few videos. One I like is for Shiny magazine. She ofers comfort to a sub TV. Not usually my thing, but her power connection leaps out of the screen. - A very tallented lady.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Seriously Red

This lovely lady is Red. (No, that's her name.) I don't know what it is about her, but I find her extremely lovely. You can find more images all over the net, but prticularly at Lady Sonia's site.

I think she's been modelling for about 20 years. I first remember seeing her in a British spanking mag. She was wielding a long ratten cane, and her short skirt showed that her legs when all the way up to the top. Seek out Mistress Red, well worth the surf.

Taking Technology For Granted

It just struck me that I've seen a lot of advances in my half century. I saw men walking on the moon, (Please check your conspiricy theories at the blog, next door!), not to mention the Internet. I think my favourite, though, is the advances in the quality of rubber and latex garments. The free availability of an ever increasing range of bedroom toys must come a close second.

We live in interesting times. Bizarrely, "May you live in interesting times", just happens to be one of the worst Chineese curses. Perhaps if we gave each other an occasional hug?

To Comment Or Not To Comment?

It surprises me, sometimes, which images attract the most comments. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I just thought I'd mention it. You know, thinking out loud? I'm not fishing, either.

Either I out of step with you guys, or... Well you know? Sometimes I feel I've lost the plot. But then, who cares? This is a blog all about fantasy, and if you enjoy the captions, plus the occasional pocket philosophising, then all well and good. Speaking of loosing things...

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Playing Hard To Get

Claiming the attentions of a loved one are unwanted is, of course, pure fantasy. I love the knowing grin of this lovely looking lady. This is all part of the tease.

Not So Easy

I'm sure I've mentioned this topic in a previous blog? My blog is obviously fantasy. (Clue is in the title!) However, if you are lucky enough to get your lovely lady to review these pages, I think the fantasy aspect is worth emphasising.

Take small steps, and discuss each and evey one. Oh, and good luck.

Are You Sitting Uncomfortably?

I love being told stories. That's what I want for Christmas - a sexy storyteller.

Hello, Santa? Did you hear that?

Be Careful What You Ask of Santa

I think I've covered this topic in an earlier blog? There are few things sadder than when a couple that have been together for many years fail to share their fantasies with one another. I may be the eternal optimist, but I think there should be no secrets between a loving couple. (I know Scorpios that would dissagree with me!) So, are you going to ask Santa for something that requires a key, this year?

P.S. This lady is Nina Birch. You can find more pictures of her at The English Mansion and her own web site.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

T'is The Season To Be Jolly

Well, chocolate eggs are in the shops; must be Christmas! Thought I'd get my seasons greetings in early - avoid the rush!

Safe & Secure

Tom of "The Edge of Vanilla" asked to see more ladies closer to his own age-group. I must admit I also find the more mature, buxom ladies very appealing. There is something secure about fantasising what is obviously a long-term partnership within marraige. It is after a lot of the experimenting has been done, and you know what each of you likes. There is of course the danger that such a state could become stale. But it's up to the creativity of the partnership to make sure this doesn't happen.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

The Last Help

I love the idea that I'm the cause of my own demise. Suggesting a senario to loose control of the keys, and then having my keyholder pick someone more extreme, oh boy. But this is fantasy. Nice and safe, right?

I can't help but wonder how many have tried this at home?

The Proverbial Safe Place

The one thing that stands a greater chance of going wrong (or right) as the years go by...

Hiding Places

Sometimes the help you need is to get the keys out of temptation's reach. Great care is required, especially when involving the unaware. All sorts of things could go wrong, I hope!

Friday, 16 October 2009

One Good Turn Deserves Another

No, I don't have a pool. This is fantasy, remember? But if I did have a lovely indoor pool, I'd definately give this young lady permission to use it.

Live-In Help

I don't know about you, but I'd welcome any help from Tigerr.

Contracting Out

If the Mrs is too vanilla, and common ground is impossible to find, then there's always the option to contract out to a professional. Last resort stuff, really.

One should always reward a job well done...

Making Sure The Help Helps

I think it's quite a common male fantasy - to see two women together. It's quite the paradox, don't you think? A guy watching lesbians, where the sex involves nothing a man can do? But then this is a chastity blog. This senario would certainly help the guy stay chaste. Perhaps a bit longer than he anticipated?

Seeking Help

One should never be afraid to ask for help. It is a test of a strong character to decide to reach out. It is an equally strong character that will offer that help.

In a fantasy, you can get that help from the most attractive, sexy lady your heart desires. Thought I'd start today's blog at the extreme end of the market.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Following Links

Tom Allen gave me a link in one of my posts that led me to this lovely lady. Made my heart race, it did! Thank you, Tom.

I love the innocent, sweet looking oriental lady that has a cruel, teasing streak.

Just How Chaste Is Chaste?

Is chastity only not getting to have sexual intercourse? I mean in the confines of these fantasy pages. I love to be teased, so here is an extra limitation...

Another Tigerr

Those that follow this blog know that I have a thing for oriental ladies. I recently did a run of captions to images of this lovely looking lady. Here's another peek.

P.S. Find more of her at: and

Ordering Pizza

I'm sure there are lots of ladies that offer keyholding services. The thing about fantasy is that you are in control of the thought that you are handing control to another. No risk.

Working On The New Girl

A lot of people bow to peer-presure. Although I think people should follow their own heart, rather than someone elses, there are times when it can be a good thing.

Being The Slave Of A Slave

This brings out the deep part of my masochist streak. To be the slave of a slave is such a head-trip. The Mistress would have no need or desire to ever unlock you!

Taking The Next Step Yourself

Part of the fantasy of joining a Chastity Club is imagining what her response will be. The other part is imagining what the Club Domme looks like.

I like captions that leave part of the journey up to the reader.

That First Step

When anything starts, not everyone will get it. That's part of the vulnerbility of sharing. No reason to stop. Just don't scare the straights or the horses, and you'll be fine.

Sense Of Community

I think the benefits of the Internet is that it's given people a sense of community. I've seen time and again variation of the phrase, "I'm so glad there are others".

I think this is a key reason I sometimes return to a Chastity Club fantasy. Imagine a community dedicated to living the fantasy: guys in chastity belts, and gals waving keys. Oh, it's a glimpse of heaven!

Always Tell The Truth

I saw somewhere the phrase, "If you don't want to get found out tomorrow, don't lie today". If a loved one actually asks you to share your fantasies, then share. But for heaven's sake, don't tell them what you think they want to hear. Tell the truth. You should show them the person you are, not some shadow of what you think they want to see.

I think the world would be a better place with more truth in it. Honest!

Encouraging The Downward Spiral

This is a real head-trip for me: to be the architect of my own downfall. To have a partner that likes the fantasy so much that she makes it go much further than the fantasy. Of course, this is in itself a fantasy. But then, you never know...

Only One Left

Working with a computer, it's always a good idea to have a backup. But then these chastity fantasies are just that: fantasies. In the world of fantasy, you can live dangerously.

Using My Images

The thing about these images is that they're not really mine. The captions are mine, but the images are not. I feel that I'm complying with the spirit of the copyright laws, rather than the letter, as you'll notice, I make no money from any advertising on this blog. This is a consious decision. I would encourage you to use any of these images, but I must ask that you do not profit in any way by it. It should be for entertainment only.

I try and leave any (c) information on these images, but sometimes I crop images to improve the composition. If any image owner would like the (c) restored, or a link placed in the text, please let me know. I'm hoping you won't want me to remove your image.

P.S. This started life as a black and white image. I'm impressed at how my graphics package turned it out.

More Followers

I'm feeling very good about myself, at the moment. I've got over 20 followers, and one (locked4ever @ Lifelong Love and Chastity) has been inspired to start a chastity caption blog. Just as I was inspired to start this chastity caption blog by Tom Allen @ The Edge of Vannila, so the fire spreads!

locked4ever, keep saving that testosterone!