Sunday, 29 August 2010


I love reading stories with a consenual, romantic theme. Writing them is an entirely different thing. Captions can be mini stories, but a proper length, thirty pager? Too hard for me. I can produce comics, not novels. Ho - hum!

I suppose the closest I've come is a series. I've done a few. Some deal with a single conversation, others are snapshots over weeks or months. But in all cases, the reader fills in the gaps, not shown in the captioned images. And that's great; when someone fills in the gaps, they make it their own. Just my kind of therapy.

Here is a story idea that I've put into a caption. If it wasn't for the 'fun & games' of the past generations, we wouldn't be here - obviously! Would anyone care to try to build the story?

If so, give it to alterboy. I've long wanted to contribute to his fine site, but US laws make it impossible for me to contribute any images. Does karma count?

Friday, 27 August 2010

Oh No, Holiday Snaps!

Most of the time, looking at holiday snaps is a chore; especially someone else's. I love well taken photos, and hope my pictures are worthy of at least a second glance. But sometimes the most important thing about a picture is it brings back what was said, when it was taken. If it wasn't for the memory it invokes, the picture would've been deleted from the camera almost immeadiately. So, I like the idea that most of the following may not be the best in quality, but oh, those fantastical memories...

After The Stress Free Holiday

Sometimes, when you get away, you can try new things and really see if something will work. These fantasies involve trying a chastity device for a time away, and of course, with all good fantasies it works very well. Nothing to stop the fun carrying on, after the holiday, is there?

Sometimes you could even meet another couple on holiday. Fantasies always have happy endings...

Still Holiday Season

Sorry to take so long between posts. Just got back from my hols. With all the package holiday companies going bust, going away seems rather stressful, these days. Now, isn't that ironic? Getting away from it all to reduce your stress levels, only to be woried that the hotel will demand you pay for your room and board - again? And you can't blame them, if they've already been stung. I saw some hotels have been waiting over two years for their money from the last lot of busted tour companies. Now, there's some serious interest payments due! Don't know why anybody goes away. After all, you can stay locked in a chastity device just as well at home! :-))

Saturday, 14 August 2010

I Need Therapy

I've already said that doing these captions is therapy for me. It struck me that I have had fantasies about several professions, except a Therapist. Sometimes I can be so slow, and it takes me a while, but I get there in the end. What do you expect? - I need therapy!

P.S. Tom - Tight and shiny! Enjoy.

Hot Tub For alan

alan, not sure how close this is a match for your last comment, but it does have a hot tub.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Clubbing Together

Guys don't talk about sex with one another like gals. Is that a good or bad thing? No idea. But it does raise some interesting possibilities - fantasy wise...

I Want To Complain

It's a very British thing that it takes a lot to get us to the point where we actually complain about something. If anyone knows how to stop Korean adverts being posted in Comments, please comment.

Anyway, while I wait, here are some captions...