Thursday, 28 January 2010

Just a Pretty Face

A lot of my images are of clothed ladies. I think this is more of a tease than a naked lady. The obvious thing to draw the attention then becomes the face. When I saw this picture, it took my breath away. This lovely lady looks so beautiful to me. I've often wondered why one, and not another. I of course recognise beauty, when I see it. But this is something more. This is attractiveness - entirely subjective attractiveness. Of course in my fantasy she has a peronallity that matches me perfectly!

So Used To The Stars

I would've thought that I'd attract a few more comments about star signs. Is everyone so used to ignoring how they react in different circumstances, or how the people they know react differently in those same circumstances that it hardly registers? Is everyone so much better than I at working with these different styles, that it hardly warrents a mention? Just curious.

If I knew then what I know now, my girlfriends would've had a much better time! Taurean, remember? Bull in a china shop, but lovable with it? Experts at saying sorry - and being forgiven!

Sometimes I wish I could be more objective. I do have a tendency to take things personally. Perhaps I need to encourage my inner voyeur?

Who's In Charge?

Those new to power exchange would be forgiven for thinking the Domme is in charge. If we exclude everything that's not safe, sane and consensual, we're left with something really rather beautiful. - Communication on an entirely new level. This is empathy.

At the start of the process there is the negociation. The establishment of soft and hard limits. (Soft limit? These are: I don't really like this, but if you do, I'll do it. But not too much, please. Hard limit? I really don't like this. You do this, I'm not playing with you, ever again.) You can see very quickly that the submissive is laying down the groundwork. Also, the safe-word is used by the submissive, not the Domme. Again, it's the sub that can instantly stop play. For things to remain safe, sane & consensual, this is how it must be.

When a couple have been playing for a while, and they know eachother very well, play can get a little more experimental. Soft limits can get pushed; gently ! Encouraging the sub to do things could all be part of the play.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Mixed Metephors

There are a number of things I like, but I go through phases. I also like a combination, sometimes. For example:

I like spanking, and curvy ladies. I think this lovely lady would have a strong arm, don't you?

I like oriental ladies, and one of my favourite books is Venus In Furs.

I love corsets on a lady, and the School Mistress fantasy is very attractive.

Of course there are consistant themes to my fantasies, but I think even the most obsessive compulsive needs a little change, now and again. Mix it up. Don't fear the fantasy.

The Guru Has Followers - Lots of Them!

I'm amazed that the follower count has reached 44. Thank you, all. I'm trying not to get bigheaded about it. The best way to keep me grounded is to look at the comments. (Again, thank you for taking the time to post your comments.) I think they mainly centre on the captions. So, it's an endorphin thing! That's okay. I don't mind. These little rambles are part of my therapy, so no obligation...

It's been a while since I posted a picture of the delectable Tigerr Benson. My heart would certainly want to pound out of my chest, if she said this to me:

You might hear this, if you didn't make your fantasies clear. Communication; it makes all the difference!

Life's Little Cruelties

Been a while since I posted. Sorry. Had a lot to deal with, lately.

I don't know about you, but given the choice between a long drawn out emotional turnoil or a fast, jolly good hiding, I'd take the hiding every time. Of course, being a masochist helps with that decision! Putting that aside for one moment, do you like the plaster (bandaid) removed fast or slow?

This one is slow:

This one is fast:

And this one is a nice rest in the garden, when you're quite finished!

P.S. This lovely lady is Nina Birch. She has her own web site, and appears on English Mansion. Check her out - well worth the surf.

Monday, 18 January 2010

It's All A Matter Of Style

I've seen comments on forums where the person is so fearful of upsetting someone they back away from the question they really wanted to ask. It is a sad reality that not everyone has the confidence to ask a question in such a protected and anonymous environment as the Internet. It is all a question of style.

My response was as follows:

Not to put too fine a point to it, we all have a different style. Although I think much rubbish is written about star signs, I do like the shorthand, as a start point of discussion. For example, Librans like to gather the most information before they commit to a solution. Sagittarians fire arrows with the sole purpose of getting a response. Taureans reach a comfort level, and then execute their plan. They are known to be stubborn, and only change their minds if very important information comes to light. (I'm Taurean) Pisceans never get lost, they just change where it is they want to go! But just like the salmon, they have enormous courage, and can overcome great obstacles.

I'm rambling, but here's the thing. I'm an earth sign. ... Highly practical; goal orientated. ... However, I've known others I find very difficult to follow, or communicate with, but somehow seem to get where they want to go. As I've mellowed with age (he boasts) I become mad at myself for my misunderstandings rather that at the people I don't understand. However hard I try, I still make assumptions, when there are gaps. (As I'm not very good at reading between the lines, there are perhaps more gaps for me).

Obviously the kind of partner I would look for would share or be in a position to understand my style. ... I've known partners where it is very easy to power exchange, and others not so easy. In my experiences, it always comes down to a matter of style.

(the ... are edits to remove person to person statements, only relevant there.) I continue on:

The Western Star Sign has three main parts:

1. Sun Sign. Fixed on the day you were born. (Everybody knows this one!) This kicks in when you start interacting with people socially, after you are a toddler.

2. Moon Sign. Fixed on the time of day and on the day you were born. This kicks in at puberty, when you start interacting with a mate.

3. The Ascendant. Fixed by the place, time and day you were born. This is an average of where all the planets, (except the moon, and sun - yes, I know these are not planets.), were. So you could have the earth between you and say Saturn, and so Saturn would have less of an influence, for example. This is how you behave without social or romantic interaction. You will be this sign and only this sign when you are a toddler.

These three can be different, and explains why some people are non-typical of their Sun Sign. The interplay between these three factors show how you approach things and use the experiences you accumulate in life. For example, Gemini people have little patience. They attack problems in small chunks, often doing several things at once. But they still achieve goals. This is their style. It has nothing to do with the ever increasing number of problems they can solve due to the accumulation of experience.

[End Quote]

Some people need the approval of their peers to function; for example, Chineese Sign Snakes. Others are very comfortable with their own moral centre; for example, Chineese Sign Wild Boar (Pig).

Some signs excude confidence (Taurean) while others show the oposite (Scorpios).

The last two examples are oposites on the Sign tables. Anyway, look up the traits. It will make an excellent discussion point, if nothing else. No belief required!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Where To Stop?

In fantasy you need never stop. The bigger and bigger thrill for some is a very willing, mean keyholder. For others it is something a little more speciallised, like a particular costume. Whatever it is, know that communication is key to everything.

Seeing Your Loved One With A Lover

Some of the people that follow this blog also seem to have an interest in cuckoldry. I think I've mentioned before that this would break my heart in reality, but sometimes the fantasy can be hot. It is an excellent tease, at any rate. So for those that have the interest: thank you for following.

Best Dommes Are Bi?

I read somewhere that dominant ladies that are bi make the best Dommes. Personally I've never been in a position to put this to the test. Ah, but fantasies...

Clothes Maketh The Fantasy

I think this costume is spectacular. Looking at the expression on the lady's face, I could well imagine her wanting revenge. In fantasy, I'd welcome it!

No Such Thing As A Perfect Chastity Belt

Even if you made a chastity cage or full belt out of spaceage hard materials, there would be a tool somewhere that could get it off of you. But don't let that stop the fantasies.

It's more practical to just try to keep him from cummimg.

Getting Sofisticated.

Once you've plucked up the courage to ask, you may be surprised. There could be a lot of things that you can do together to make it more exciting. Some things, that on the face of it, are quite mean. But then that's BDSM for you!

You don't have to sound like a Sargent Major on a parade ground to be dominant!

How do you ask?

The Internet is a wonderful thing. It has all sorts of images; all sorts of people living every kind of lifestyle. And all just a few mouse-clicks away.

In my fantasies the put-upon lady always has a favourable reaction. They are willing to experiment. They are exceeding generous with their patience and understanding. This is what fantasy is for. It is very safe in your head!

Some of my fantasies may include a lady that is a little moire devious, and enters into the spirit of the tease from the off.

Would she then take it too far? Would you like her to? Obviously in fantasy the answer is a resounding, "Yes".

But what of reality? At the end of the day, you'll just have to ask.

...and live with the consequences.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Not quite on topic? Think again. Anyone that loves playing with chastity devices, but has yet to find a keyholder loves self bondage - or a form of it, at any rate.

I think it highly erotic seeing a lady tie herself up. Of course it's all perfectly safe; the cameraman's there! If you are into this kind of play, please be careful, and remain safe.

If you check out my links, you'll see I've added Chimera Bondage. The lady in the photo has only done one session with them, but I think she did a lovely job. What's more, she's a Londoner! And we've never met! My loss.

Obviously the lady is sub, but then so am I. So, she would obviously understand my fantasy?

P.S. The lady's name is Pandora Blake. Check out her site here and her blog here. I do hope she doesn't mind me stealing an image or two.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

With All My Heart

Incurable romantic alert!

I firmly believe that sex games will bring a couple closer together. Just remember that love is a game for two, not just one. Ideas can come from anywhere, and should be welcomed. Be sure to distinguish between the practicle and what should remain in fantasy. Nothing wrong with a good yarn. You never know, it could spark an idea.

Again, Happy New Year. And thank you for following.

Fantasising As Exercisie

There are many people that get their mental exercise by jumping to conclusions. However, I'd recommend the following exercise. Much better.


I think begging is an integral part of being teased. If you're not begging, then you're not being tease hard enough.

P.S. See more of this lovely fetish model at and also with Lady Sonia.