Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Mixed Metephors

There are a number of things I like, but I go through phases. I also like a combination, sometimes. For example:

I like spanking, and curvy ladies. I think this lovely lady would have a strong arm, don't you?

I like oriental ladies, and one of my favourite books is Venus In Furs.

I love corsets on a lady, and the School Mistress fantasy is very attractive.

Of course there are consistant themes to my fantasies, but I think even the most obsessive compulsive needs a little change, now and again. Mix it up. Don't fear the fantasy.


Throne said...

I agree that it's fun to play with the themes of our fantasies. When you change one element it can affect all the others you're dealing with.

ptathuk said...

Very true, Trone. Keeps things fresh.


pantsdropr said...

I love the spanking pic. Spanking and chastity great companions I believe.


ptathuk said...

Like minds, pantsdropr. Thank you.