Sunday, 17 January 2010

Seeing Your Loved One With A Lover

Some of the people that follow this blog also seem to have an interest in cuckoldry. I think I've mentioned before that this would break my heart in reality, but sometimes the fantasy can be hot. It is an excellent tease, at any rate. So for those that have the interest: thank you for following.


Throne said...

Speaking of cuckolding, I have a recent piece of fiction on the new stories section of The title is BUT I LOVE HER and it was inspired in large part by CHASTITY FANTASIES. Once the story is gone from the 'new' page it will be available in my file, which you can get to by using their author index, under the pen name THRONE. The stories are free. Hope some of you get to read it. My other fiction on there is mostly 'meaner' than the captions here on CF.

Tom Allen said...

Is it really cuckolding if her partner is another woman?

ptathuk said...


I like the story. As you know, I'm an incurable romantic. I can see many themes that I've touched on in my captions.

Thank you for the link.


In these enlightened times? The meaning of words do evolve, over time. I think the key word in any of the defanitions I've seen is 'unfaithful'.


Giles English said...

The caption for the last one could read:

Blonde girl: "Start the clock!"

Every minute I stay in the room with them costs me an hour in the chastity belt. Somehow, I'm never out in time for the next session...

ptathuk said...

Devious as always, Giles. Thank you.


MyKey said...

Like tom says , is it cuckolding? I doubt you would care at the time. Being locked, horny and watching such untouchable beauty would certainly engender the same reaction.

Lucky sub!

ptathuk said...


Like I said, the key word is 'unfaithful'. If a bi-sexual wife sticks to one man, but also has afairs with one or more women, is she not unfaithful?

Yes, you're right about the not caring after being locked in chastity. I find it ironic that lesbian porn aimed at guys is sex where the guy has absolutly no role!

Thanks for taking the time to comment.