Thursday, 28 May 2009


It should be easy to forgive.

When you are starting out, both of you will make mistakes. Unless you are a pair of mind-readers, you will need to experiment. By definition, this means trial and error, with emphasis here on the error. It's the only way to learn things.

You could always make the errors part of the game.

Sexy Outfits For The Club

It should be apparent to those reading this blog that I like rubber and other fetish looks. It is obvious that including a chastity belt as attire at a fetish party would be considered quite 'normal'. (Sorry for swearing. Perhaps I should use the word 'usual'?) This is why I use a lot of fetish images for my captions.

But I also like the subtle. This lovely lady is obviously wearing a corset. There are hidden, yet suggested promises of more 'interesting' ways of thinking, behind those eyes. Mmnn.

Never Trust The Weatherman

It never ceases to amaze me how many people get upset at the Weatherman. Here in the UK we have weather, as opposed to a climate. By the very definition of the words, only a climate is even remotely predictable. Perhaps that's why the Mediterranean and other sunny climes are so popular as holiday destinations for Britains. (Please US not 'Britishers'. Eek! There's no such word. Britains, or British people, are the correct words to use.) [Small bow of thank you - steps down from orange box.]

Am I going somewhere with this? - Oh yes. I've just realised that my fantasy chastity club is in a sunny climate. Oh yes.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Finding a Helping Hand

Once you've convinced your loved one to join the Chastity club, it's down to the support staff to lend a helping hand.

Seriously Making a Connection

Continuing the club matchmaking service theme, the more serious T&D masochists will find to even more difficult to find that special someone. Enter the specialist...

Once you've fantasised about a Chastity Club, it's not a tremendous leap to include a Domme end of town.

I read somewhere (Forum, I think) that only 5% of ladies are sadists. Sadly, there are more masochists. I suppose that's why there are ladies who offer domination services and not guys offering to be beaten, for money? (No sexual contact of course; that would be illegal!)? Ah, back to the fantasy...

Making a Connection

We all know how difficult it is to meet that special someone, right? This is where the fantasy of a Chastity Club comes in. Such a club is bound to have a matchmaking service.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Getting a Safe Word Out

Looking back I had a blog on Safe Words. But what about the times when you want to use a gag? Well, practice making the sound of an ambulance, with the gag you're going to use, in place. Your Domme will then know what your true distress sounds like.

Sometimes crying can get in the way of saying your safe word. In this case, it's always a good idea to pause and check. Once you get to know there's no problem, play can continue.

Safe, sane, and consensual. At all times.

Elaborate Games

There should be no limits to the imagination. With the availability of technology today, one can build almost anything. Don't forget safety, though. Remember, most accidents happen in the home.

Chastity Contracts

There are examples all over the place. I think it's an excellent start point, and essential, if you're going to hire the services of a professional. However, I think they lack a certain spontaneity.

I think the best approach is to start slow. Talk over what turns you both on. Then when some rules have been established, then go for the full-on roll play. I think if you rush those first steps of discovery, you are going to miss out on oportunities for some fun times.

Start of Something

When your partner gets into the game, go with it. There is nothing worse for your patner than repeating a script. Such games are best when both have an equal say in the direction it takes.


Living the lifestyle is not just about chastity. I think the whole thing needs to be thought out from both partner's point of view. I think the first step in introducing chastity into the relationship is asking your partner for their ideal lifestyle. Mansions, private jets and speedboats aside, this could become an enjoyable part of the game. Never know, until you ask.

Steel Vs Plastic

The plastic chastity cages are great fun. I enjoy my CB-3000 very much, but I know that it is a simple act to cut my way out, should the need arise. Steel offers a more serious solution, but the extra weight could pull on the 'equipment' and cause sore spots. Support would be the answer: some kind of belt, perhaps?

The options available today are such a turn-on. One day I would love to make a special trip to get a full on, steel belt. One day...

Selfish Fantasies

Looking back on these blogs, I can't help but feel that these fantasies are rather selfish. They are all about giving the guy what he wants: teasing and denial. Sure, there are orgasms for the ladies, almost offerred like bribes. Are there any ladies out there that get off on owning their man?

I think there must be. I've read, or heard, somewhere that there is no fetish on record with less that fifty recorded cases. Boggles the mind, doesn't it? I wonder if there is a fetish for a woman saying 'no'? Oh yeah, chastity!!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Weather Obsession

Read below... Now you know why we Brits have an obsession with the weather.

Love - Another Fantasy

You may have noticed that I'm an incurable romantic. I love pictures that show love, especially when it's reciprocated.

I also love being told a good story. I love reading captions, as well as writing my own. If your story is anything like my captions, I'd love you to become a follower, so I can check it out.


You all know I like the black and shiny outfits. Sometimes though, I like to be teased by not having this kind of outfit. I know the symbolism is rather ovbious, but I love being reminded tht contemoraries are fucking like bunnies.


I've already mentioned that I take commitment to one partner seriously. Working with this theme got me this fantasy.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Do You Want This?

This fantasy is another venture into cuckold territory. I've no idea why this is a turn-on. Trying to explain it would be like trying to explain why you've picked a particular colour as your favourite.

This is so mean! Exciting, isn't it?

Going to Extremes - Cuckoldry

In reality cuckoldry would break my heart. However, as a fantasy, it is turning the nightmare into something erotic. That is - for me. I realise that for others, even some of my followers (listen to me! Guru, I'm not. You know what I mean?) it is an integral part of their fantasy play. And I wish them well in their fun a games. The important thing is that the game is good for all players, and no one gets hurt.

Hope you enjoy.

Be Strict

The key thing (yes, key) about an obsession is that it must be done right, to the point of perfection. If you are lucky enough to have a partner that takes pride in doing things well, and they want this kind of fantasy, be strict. There is nothing worse, for an obsessive, than seeing a job done poorly. It is even worse that not even starting the job.

Saying that, the obsessive must realise and respect the existance of the learning curve. Patience is a virture. Really! Never be afraid to ask a stupid question, as it is more stupid not to ask it.

Once you get through the learning curve, you'll be here...

Grand Adventure

I've touched on the game theme before, and how it strengthens relationships. Getting to know the games that turn eachother on is the most grand adventure. Be sure not to make it one-sided. There-in lied demons that end marriages. (Sad and bitter experience, here.) I saw a quote on a forum board a long time ago that I loved. I paraphrase, but they said: I offer my 2c so you can spend yours more wisely.

I Can Resist Anything, But Temptation

The thing about tease is that there must be something on offer that one can't have. The greater the desire, the greater the tease.

Continuing with the Tease Club theme, I love the idea that a partner would join with me, and enter into the spirit of the place. Boy, would I be in trouble?

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

So Lonely (Lyrics by Police)

It still amazes me that someone can live in a city, surrounded by millions of people, and still be lonely. You would think that the Internet would help solve this. Instead it could be making it worse. Facebook et. al. and even these blogs promote a superficial illusion of friendship. Many collect 'friends' like others collect today’s postage stamps, to place in an album, never to be looked at again. The 'normal' social skills are being used less and less, while ever-bizarre abbreviations are invented for the lazy typist using a keyboard smaller than a deck of cards.

We have a myriad of communication devices, but are loosing the basic skills of communication. How ironic is that?

Why are you reading this blog, instead of interacting with a real person, as nature intended - without the use of anything electronic? Come to think of it, why am I rambling on when I should be following my own implied advice? Loneliness.

In this fast-paced throw-away rat-race we call life, it has become very difficult, for those like you reading this blog, to find someone of like mind, with which to communicate, let alone team up as a life partner. The 'god-send' (sic) is the Internet. It can help those from around the world to communicate one true fact: We are not alone in our proclivities.

Somewhere, out there, there is someone looking for me, looking for them...

Friday, 1 May 2009

Picking a Mate

It's always difficult to meet someone that you know shares your proclivities. My fantasy of a chastity club would obviously offer a safe, closed environment in which to do so.

Even then, one must be selective...

P.S. These lovely ladies can be seen on the Bikini Dare site. Check it out, especially when you are locked in a CB. :-))

Playing When You're Both Submisive

There are more submisives than dominants. - Or so it feels. Playing games between subs could be fun. I think it still makes for a bonding experience, so don't dismiss it, out of hand.

There are loads of things that can be done, to add a random element to the games. Here's a start...

Asking for the Outfit

I think it's all right to ask for fetish wear, but not to demand or expect it. Any time a lady wears something that she may not have chosen herself, it's a gift, and should be cherished.

At the very least, do something in return.

It's a Gamble

Have you ever had a bet where everybody wins? There should be more of these, in life.

If you are obsessed with a chastity fantasy, and gamble for more chastity, if you loose, you win! I don't think one should ever bet for money...