Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Game For Two Submissives

More people are submissive than dominant, sexually. Well researched fact - honest. I think the ratio is in favour of the dommes at three to one. (This one is from memory. Since I'm getting on in years, I could be mistaken!) So, what to do?

Those of you familiar with my blog will know I like oriental ladies. These pictures caught my eye. I like the lady, but she is obviously sub! What is a sub to do? Fantasy provides the answer...

Saturday, 13 February 2010

You Are Not Alone

I think this is my favourite aspect of the Internet: proof that we're not alone in our proclivities.

Some like wife-swapping, (or husband-swapping)!

Some hire a professional.

To some it's a laugh, and just a bit of harmless fun, with friends.

Some like things a little more intence.

Some just like some help.

But what it comes down to is, we're not alone.

[Special thanks to my 49 followers.]

Some Fantasies Best Left In Your Head

There are a large number of people that love to be regressed to a simpler time: their youth. Infantalism is fine, but it's not my thing. The part of this fantasy best left in your head is the brainwashing. People are very programmable, and it is scary how easy it is. (Just look at women's magazines and advertising in general.) The main reason for me is, so much could go wrong.

I think that this is one of those things, like breath control play, best left to a highly qualified medical practitioner. I'd want to see a full set of confirmed qualifications, before even talking to someone about it, let alone considering it.

Anyway, the fantasy is an entirely safe place for it to happen.

Surprise Wrapping

Another thing that sends me is a lovely innocent looking lady in a lovely wrapping. I prefer black, tight and shiny. (Of course, I've no idea why.) I always think that the wrapping came first and the chastity play can second. (Again, I've no idea why.) I certainly don't think fetish gear more generally acceptable that chastity play.

I'll have to consult a shrink for some insight. I wonder if I'd get carted off to a rubber room? Stop it!

Quite Ordinary

I love to turn quite ordinary looking lovelies into something a little kinkier. The images I pick have ladies that have something in their look, which says that there might be more to her that just a pretty girl.

I love surprises, and seeing an ordinary girl comming out with some of this stuff is quite a nice surprise.

Friday, 12 February 2010


I love the situation where the guy will promise 'anything' to get out of his belt. However, anything is rather a silly thing to promise, isn't it?

Friday, 5 February 2010

Excitement Of The New Girl

Some of my fantasies revolve around finding that special someone that shares my proclivities. But I'd much rather swap the excitement of the new for the security of the long-term relationship.

Public Teasing

I'm more of a private person, and much prefer intimacy in private. However, my mind does occasionally wander.

Total Enclosure Bondage

I was looking at the Serious Bondage site, recently. There is a lovely film on Dr Max, where Amanda Wildefyre helps him out with some complete bondage. Not involving chastity devices as such, but rather an all over bondage suit - or all over chastity suit! His hands were certainly not free to - well you know...

More Please

This is a particular favourite of mine. The young lady has a job to do, but she is falling in love with her charge. He is already head over heals about her. But things must remain proper. Yeah, right! What will she do?

[Photo removed because of a threat from Godys Diane from FetLife. A simple request would've had the same result.]

Are You Indecisive?

Are you indecisive, or aren't you sure? Do you beg to be locked in chastity, then soon after beg to be let out? Imagine the mixed messages you're giving your loved one. Safe-word aside for the moment, you should agree the game, and stick to the rules. If not, I think I can recommend a cure...

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Do Nice Girls Wear Leather?

A little while ago I started a thread on a BBW site, and asked the question whether any of the ladies actually liked leather, and all things black and shiny. Of course, if your look hard enough, you'll find anything. I was much encouraged that some genuinely like fetish wear.

I could ask the same question about domination. With apparently only 5% of the female population truely sadistic, but 15% of the male population masochistic, it's not a surprise that there would be a lot of put-upon ladies out there. (%s are from memory of Kraft-Ebbing's work, and are the extreme end of the scale.)

And anyway, what is a nice girl? One that does what you like? Don't forget this is rather selfish. It never fails to amaze me how many couples forget why they fell in love in the first place.

So, I'm always on the lookout for a nice girl. :-))

Neighbours - Do They Wear Leather?

Leather is the steriotypical uniform of the dominatrix. The last thing you associate with a dominatrix is the nice girl next door. But then where else are they? Everyone's got to be somewhere!

Ho-hum! My search continues...