Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Gambling With Chastity

People do crazy things, when they're on holiday. Pillow-talk is something to have fun with; you never know what it might lead to...

Extreme Escape

As you read more and more captions, and fantasise more and more, it is inevitable that the fantasies become more extreme. I've seen some captions on castration, but that's too extreme for me. It removes all hope. The whole point about tease, for me, is that there is hope, even when something awful happens to the locks.

Permanent chastity to me means that you have to destroy the belt to get it off. If you love the idea that your loved one gambles with the key or the locks or both, then that is the fantasy. It's almost like darling someone to see how far they'd go.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Hired Help

A while ago I read a story about a guy that had a fetish clothing company. He hired a maid, but her main duty was to model his creations. As an incurable romantic, I loved the story, as they ended up marrying.

Also, I thought it was time I posted a longer story. Enjoy.

After The Party

For those lucky enough to have attended a fetish party, they can be real fun. I've never been to one in a chastity device, but then there's plenty of time.

Most venture start with a launch party...

Clubbing - What's In It For Her?

A Chastity Club would obviously be all about keeping the guy chaste. But spare a thought for the Keyholder. She's not chaste. There are countless ways to give your loved one pleasure, as she denies you yours...

Coming Back With A Club

I came across a web site the other day that I thought was wonderful. (Do a Google for Bikini Dare.) What lovely swimming costumes? I love the idea of being dressed, but not, if you see what I mean. It's a common male fantasy, as is evident from the range of cruchless panties and peep-hole bras.

In this fatasy, I go away for a sexy holiday in the sun, and come home with more than a tan. Oh, my!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Select Club

There's Hedonism, and other fetish events, why not a chastity club? (My preference would be for all the guys to be in chastity belts.) Of course an open fetish club would have to attract all preferences - and rightly so.

How would such a club start? It's my fantasy, so all the guys are locked...

Downward Spiral

I've often thought how obsessions start. Comparing this with where they end up can show quite a dramatic difference. The differance could be so great that it would be impossible to see the journey of the 'downward spiral'. (I'm using the word 'down', but I feel obsessions can also be uplifting. Direction really doesn't matter in this context.)

It's that trigger event, that nexus in the space-time continuum, that is the key. I can't help but look forward to the downward spiral.

Saturday, 18 April 2009


I'm all in favour of the copyright laws. Stricly speaking, though, I'm braking the law with this blog. None of the pictures are mine. I've never sought the photograher's permision for displaying. However, I'm not adding any adverts here, so I'm not making money on the backs of others.

I try to keep the copyright info on my captioned images, but the framing is a problem, most of the time. I don't remove the info for any other reason.

I hope that the owners will forgive me, and even like what I do, aside from the fee publicity.

Here is a case in point. The lovely lady that models for Tickleberry makes a perfect subject for my captions. I hope they don't mind me using their image. If anyone does object, I will be happy to take down the image, or add a link to the source site.

Check out more of this lovely blonde lady at Tickleberry. (I wish she was playing with my chastity belt!)

Free Movement, Everything Else Costs

Living the fantasy? Well, number one on the list should be comfort. Well, flaccid comfort, that is. If you're ever going to wear the thing for any length of time, you need to make sure it won't do you any damage. Pain might be a masocist's dream, but never forget it's also a message. A message that something is not right.


Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Keep It Clean

So no swearing! One should behave like a gentleman infront of a lady.

In real life, chastity belts are quite difficult to keep clean. Too many holes and stimulation is possible. Part of the fantasy is to find a belt that is easy to clean, but still works as a chastity belt.

Indefinate Dream

It's always great when someone agrees to play out a fantasy. However, depending on your preference for surprises, you may need to give thought to the level of detail you share. Then again, unless your loved one's an actress, she won't appreciate a rigid script. Negociate, communicate, and agree...

Living The Dream

I remember a few years ago, a blog of Tammad. He kept a diary when his girlfriend (Pinkie) got him a steel chastity belt. It made facinating reading. I've just noticed that both their websites are no longer up. This is such a pitty. They were the first couple I read about living the dream.

Holiday Season

Holiday season is almost upon us. When you go away, do you use it as a chance to not be yourself? Do you let yourself go? As long as no one else is put out, go for it.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Rules of the Game

When starting a new game, you should always establish the rules. D/s play is very intense. It plays with emotions like a rollercoaster plays with our sense of balance. And it can be quite thrilling.

At the very least you should establish a safe-word. This is a word that is not generally used within the normal play of the game. It therefore stands out. A standard example would be a spanking scene. Sometimes the recipient shouts "stop" and "no, no" as part of the ambiance of the play. But if they were to say "Red light", it would stand out.

For most purposes, traffic lights are an excellent indicator. We all know what they mean on the road. They could be used like this:

Red Light: STOP the game.
This actually means stop. Restraints are ALL undone, any beating or spanking stops. Game over.

For the more experienced players, the other colours could be used.

Amber Light: Slow down a bit.
The game is still enjoyable, but the intensity is too much. I need a breather. This can either be followed by "Red Light" or "Green Light".

Green Light: Rest brake over, let's carry on.

NEVER EVER MESS WITH THE SAFE-WORD Keep it safe, sane and consensual.

Trying Something New

Once you've established that games for two should be enjoyed by both players, it then comes down to actually playing the game. I've said this before: There's no greater gift than an open mind.

Something For Everyone

The number of stories, captioned images and forum threads I've seen that go on about introducing the chastity fantasy to the partner! It mostly boils down to, "how do I get her interested?" Do many of the conversations start out with, "What do you like?" and, "Tell me your fantasy."? Painfully few, I suspect. The game should be fun for all players. Why else should anyone play?

In this kind of sex game, not everyone has an orgasm...

Acting Silly

Why do a lot of guys act like a silly teenager around someone we find stunning?

If ever there was a strong argument for chastity belts... I think it just gives us a massive flash-back to the time when our hormones were raging out of control. We hadn't a clue, as before puberty girls were... well, yuck. What a diference a few seemingly innocent chemicals can make?

When we liked a girl, we went up to her in the playground and punched her on the arm. After school we spent the rest of our lives finding out what the fairer sex actually want, in place of the bruised arm. I suppose it's too much to expect that they actually tell us. Takes all the fun out of guessing. Oh, yes!

But in the end, there's no mistake, girls have a lot of forgiveness for the men they love. They even don't mind the occational bruised arm.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Don't Stop

I've said this before: Too much of a good thing's bad. Don't push it beyond the point where one does not want to play. Games meant for two are awful when only one wants to play.

And then there's fantasy...

Heartless in Love

I think it's the paradox that's attractive. I mean the old cliché about only hurting the one you love. In a D/s relationship, this is by request. However, I'd take physical pain over emotional every time. That's not to say that teasing should be all physical. Hardly! But it does mean that there must be a certain rapor and synchronisation for this kind of thing to work. Effective communication is the obvious key. You can listen just as well as you can hear.

Don't Rush The Journey

The thing about an obsession is that you know that it will end at the extreme end. Don't miss the voyage of discovery, even when you know the destination. Enjoy the trip. Take in the view. You never know what you'll see on route.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Fantasy Game - Anything Goes

In the game you should be able to say anything. Sometimes hearing the impossible is a great turn-on. Never be frightened of words within the game. If it gets too intence, just safe-word out. Don't forget the cuddle, after.

So Close, And Yet...

One of the extreme results of this fantasy is that there is a reduction of intimacy. The 'no touching' and 'no looking'. But this is a slippery slope. My view is that this should not be acted out for any length of time. These games and fantasies should be bringing you closer together, not driving you apart.

Ah, but the tease...

Playing Games

I've touched on this topic before: Playing games is the way in which relationships are made stronger. They can also be a way of dealing with fantasies.

It is very difficult to keep up a D/s relationship 24/7. Like everything, too much of a good thing is bad. There are solutions; you just have to look for them.