Monday, 7 April 2014


In any consensual play both parties have to agree on the limits. It's then up to the Top to guide play, so both have fun. The Bottom should not loose sight of the effort this takes, especially for a Switch.

These are fantasies after the negotiations are over. Of course, there's nothing to stop re-negotiations. Enjoy...

Friday, 21 March 2014

Still Here

Yes, still here. Had some bad news, recently. I lost an elderly relative. So, you can imagine that I didn't feel like blogging. Hope you understand?

This batch is all about love. Remember: incurable romantic, here? A special thank you to all the followers that have stayed watching for new posts. Hope you all enjoy the latest...

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Wait An Hour After Eating

Can you orgasm on a full stomach? Or, like swimming, do you have to wait an hour? Don't try this at home? Perhaps if you've recovered from the excesses of the season, you might enjoy some relief? - On a Chastity Fantasy blog? Enjoy...

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hijacked Blog

By accident I have discovered that my old blog "Chastity Fantasies of an Obsessive Fantasist (My over-spill blog with a cuckold theme.)" has been hijacked. I  thought it deleted, but many captions have been uploaded to an advertising rich blog. Please beware of the adverts. The URL is:

Looking at the date of the first post, 4-Nov-2012, this is just a few weeks after I was e-mailed by Google to say that my blog was deleted. I can't access any of this blog, as it is no longer mine. I must stress that apart from a few pages of my captions, anything on the blog has nothing to do with me.

That said, the good news is that some of my cuckold themed captions are still available to view, along with my original blogs. These are:

There may be others who have had their captions hijacked, as some are in French!

One nice compliment though (I think) is that my captions seem to be popular, as shown on the right hand app bar. But please, be careful of the adverts.


Sunday, 13 October 2013


I don't think any ornithologist has ever observed an Ostrich putting its head in the sand. So, I've no idea how the cliché got started, but it's a nice image. Something we can all do with, in these troubled times?

To help all of us on our way, here are some captions with a Chastity Club theme, where such troubles never happen.

Sunday, 22 September 2013


I've just seen that ChastityLover has posted nine of my captions. Some have been reblogged by others, too. I think that's great. It's nice to see my work appreciated on other sites. Can I ask a small thing, please. Can you link your audience back here, so that if they enjoy my captions, they can enjoy some more?

Contrary to the theme of these captions, I won't be 'coming to get you'. I can hardly get precious over the images, as I get them from all over. Some I even recaption. I make no money from this site, and do not own any of the images. Only the words are mine. I've always been happy to remove any image which does not belong to me. (Leave a comment on the latest blog.) In five years of blogging these captions, that's only happened twice.

Enjoy the "who's been naughty" theme...