Monday, 27 July 2009


I don't think there should be anything that causes embarrassment between a loving couple. It used to annoy me when I discovered my ex-wife kept a problem to herself, and it then grew, but I had the solution all along. If only she wasn't embarrassed to ask, or even confide in me. (I must admit, most of these were work related, and were to do with computers. I used to train people, but she refused to seek my advice.)

This has a habbit of spreading to other areas of the relationship, and should be nipped in the bud. Share everything. - Scorpios, I know this is particularly difficult for you, but please try!


I like encouragement in my fantasies, too!

Involving Others

I've noticed that there are quite a few of my followers (I get red cheeks at the thought of being a Guru.) that have an interest in cuckoldry. There are some aspects of this scene that turns me on in fantasy, but I think I couldn't handle this in reality. This is just me. I wouldn't dream of stopping the fun of others.

Anyway, to the fantasy. If you want to see more, please leave a comment.

Longer Chastity Makes For Bigger Orgasms?

I've seen this debated (Yes, on mass. Thank you!) on a few websites. (Check out Edge of Vanilla, for one.) There is no doubt that waiting to cum, makes for a bigger high. However, there's a trail-off. At some point, the orgasms don't get any bigger, or more intense. The other thing that must come into play is: how skillful is your partner at playing you? How well do they know your reactions, and can judge the best time to send you over ther edge?

I think the skill of the teaser will outwiegh belt time, every time. However, to be teased with longer and longer belt times... oh my!

One Size Does Not Fit All

With the number of sites now with excellent advice on chastity belts, its still sad to see the number of people complaining that they're having trouble with their chosen device. (Perhaps 'complain' is too strong? More accurately, ask questions after they've bought a device.)

One thing I'd like to make clear: there is no such thing as a stupid question. These devices can provide much fun, but can also be capable of inflicting a lot of pain, even damage, if not fitted properly. NEVER, EVER, hesitate to ask any question. It is stupid not to.

This is especially true of belt type devices. The CB-XXX type comes with different spacers to accomidate different sizes of anatomy. By comparision they are easier to start with.

Meanwhile back at the belts: One day I'd love a full belt. My start point is to ensure that I look at the body type for which the belt was designed. (Endomorph, Mesomorph, or Ectomorph) From there I will be having a lengthy conversation with the maker. But only after I read their website. I don't want to ask what has already been asked. I want to get straight to the detailed 'me' questions.

It would be lovely to have a collection...

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Fantastical Fantasy

I love the fantasy genre. I think a magic mirror is standard issue for such occations. What would we do, if we had a genuine, fully functional oracle? How would we use it? Wealth, health or happiness?

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Some Place To Call My Own

I like my own space. I'm all for sharing and togetherness, but there are times that I want my own company, and retreat to my study. I think it's important that both have this kind of space.

The question is, how sacrosanct should it be?

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Isn't She Lovely?

Hands up all those that think I mean her looks?

Never undervalue the partner willing to go along with any hair-brained fantasy, just to please you. Lovely!

Living My Life Again

What if life came with a remote and it had a rewind button. I suppose what prompted this line of fantasy is the phrase, 'Youth is wasted on the young'.

Having finally figured out what makes me hot, it would be great to have the vigour of youth to fully enjoy it. The other attraction must be: we're all geniuses in hindsight. Having the money to invest in a litle company approached by IBM to make an operating system, when the little company was operating out of a garage. (Microsoft, for those not into computers.) This would leave all the time for indulgence. Another fantastic fantasy!

Have You Ever Thought Extreme Fantasies?

Some days the fantasies can get a little dark. My moods swing from light-hearted to utter slavery, and all points inbetween. But no matter how dark they get, I always fantasise a consensual element. I am always the master of my own downfall. I've stopped trying to figure out why, I just go with it, now.

As a species we like to be frieghtened. (Horror movies are as popular as ever.) I think such darkess needs to be discussed, as it is a safe way to exorcise ones demons. As long as the darkness is in your head, there is nothing to fear, even when voiced.


For those luck enough to have metalworking skills, making and improving a chastity belt is possible. I'd love a workshop. I suppose it's all part of the fantasy.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Naked or Clothed?

Is the female form more attractive naked or wearing something?

I've often wondered why most porn seems to be of naked ladies. Then I suppose I'm different. (Just look at the blog!) No surprise there, then? I think my favourite attire would be the kind that means the lady may as well be naked. Skin tight, bits exposed that ordinary clothes hide; that sort of thing. Oh, and black. I love black and shiny.

Don't get me wrong. Naked has it's place. I love the female form. It's just that I suppose I love to be teased, too.

As Samual Clements noticed (and I'm paraphrasing), Naked people have very little authority in society. Oh yes, Sam, it's all behind closed doors. Naked keyholders, oh yes!

Yes, M'Lady

Looking at Thunderbirds the other day, reminded me of the old joke:

LadyP: Parker.

NosyP: Yes, M'Lady?

LadyP: Remove my dress.

NosyP: Yes, M'Lady.

LadyP: Now, remove my slip.

NosyP: Yes, M'Lady.

LadyP: Remove my shoes.

NosyP: Yes, M'Lady.

LadyP: Now, remove my stockings.

NosyP: Yes, M'Lady.

LadyP: And if you must wear my clothes, ask first.

NosyP: Yes, M'Lady.

Silly, I know, but I love silly jokes. Especially ones where no one is the butt.

Dressing up in ladies things is not my thing. We're all different, aren't we? But these games are like a fast flowing river; once you get in, you can easily be swept away.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Oh, I'm Obsessed

I think that most, if not all of you, have worked out by now that the title of the blog is quite accrate. (Does what it says on the tin.) I've also mentioned that one of my favourite books is Venus In Furs, by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. (The guy after which Kraft and Ebbing named masochism.) Although I don't have a thing for furs, I am an incurable romantic. However extreme, this is a love story. I recommend it.

Anyway, back at the fantasy...

New Religion

I have a real problem with organised religion. They always think they're the only ones that have it right. Such arrogance! - And contrary to the core teachings of tollerance and neighbourly love. Such irony! I've expressed my views on Edge of Vanilla blog (see links).

However, as a good Catholic boy, with A-Level Guilt, it is inevitable that the whole ritual and costume drama features in my fantasies.

That Special Room

It's been a long-time fantasy of mine to have a playroom. Have I mentioned that I also find oriental ladies very attractive?

Sexist And Non-Politically Correct

Ready? Here's the statement: I love to fantasise about a woman that looks built for sex, but locks me up in a chastity belt.

Selfish, sexist, and completely inapropriate thing to say to a lady? But I can't help but think it. Does this make me a bad person?

I open doors for ladies, I pay for dinner, and I give up my seat on buses and trains for the old and the ladies. I think it's a generation thing, although encouragingly I still see this behaviour, now. I think good manners are a good thing.

We can't help who we are, and how we think. My view is that we need to embrace our human nature, not legislate against it. That way lies madness. Once we know who we are, we can choose to behave in a civilised manner. I feel that once we have enough self knowledge that we can use to make our choices, we will advance as a race. Anything that tries to force this will end up being counter-productive.

Anyway, at the beginning I mentioned a fantasy.

Having Something to Prove

The one that loves you will do stuff for you, because she loves you. How this comes about is a big turn on for me. Have I mentioned that I'm an incurable romantic?

I think I've touched this topic more than once, already. However, I think it's a good one, and worth repeating. If your lady takes the time and trouble to attempt to give you your fantasy, go where ever she leads, for as long as you can. (Look up the safe-word blogs.)

Brain Washing - As a Good Thing

The way the human animal learns best is by repetition. (Very few of us are blessed with a photographic memory.) If you're feeling very manipulative, then you could try to give her bigger orgasms, when the subject of chastity is discussed. Heaven help you, if she knows what you're doing and becomes a willing participant.

Parties Without Loud Music

I've been to some fetish parties. I've had a lovely time, admiring the views. However, my favourite times are when there's no loud music, and you can hear the others around you. Some of the conversations have been really special.

I think it must be an age trait. I did the loud music thing when I was younger, but that was at concerts. Seeing Pink Floyd, Genesis, Status Quo, and the loudest of them all, the Who. (Still think they have the record in the Guiness Book Of World Records - Charlton Athletic 1976?)

Now, I'd prefer to talk to people. Share views, collect and compare wisdom; you know the form?

The one thing I never managed was to make it to a private fetish party. Must be why I'm fantasising about one, now?

Ladies, Is It Possible For You To O. D. On Orgasms

It's a well known fact that the ladies can have multiple orgasms, but us guys have the big finish (usually), then when we're feeling all wonderful, we go to sleep. If your lady is still in the mood, then there's that 'eh-em' moment, which gets the the 'mmmn' response. Unseen to us guys, 'cause we're all relaxed and feeling wonderful, with our eyes shut, we get the pursed lips look - (revenge will be mine!). If ever there was a compelling argument to lock our cocks up, then this must be high on the list.

It's difficult for us guys to gauge when you girls have had enough. Telling us might give us a clue. The alternative? I don't know about you guys, but my ESP lessons are always a dismal failure. Always fail the class. Never stop being put into the position to try, though. (sigh)

I love stuff that makes things obvious. How's this for a game solution?

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Tough Descision Giving It Up

I think the majority view of keyholding wives is that we've given up something. I would dissagree. I think we've gained more than we've lost.

Repeating The Fantasy

I love a good story. I think most of you guys reading this blog do too. Even if we've heard it before, if the story if good, then we love to hear it. (Why would we buy DVDs of Robin Williams, et. al. to watch again and again?)

I don't think some partners appreciate this. Spread the word, oh yes!


It should be obvious that your partner will only make suggestions if she is confident. If she doen't make suggestions, then don't assume you know the source of the insecurity. You have research to do. Never get your mental exercise by jumping to conclusions.

Being Domme All The Time

I think that a mistake many couples make is that they try to play too long. I don't mean chastity play that lasts for days, weeks or months. (Heavy breathing!) I mean round the clock; all day every day. (Otherwise known as 27/7.)

Unless the lady is a natural sadist, (apparently only 5% are), it will be a strain on the relationship. There must be give and take in all relationships, otherwise it's just abuse, (and not a relationship). I think respect is the key.

Some may even consider involving another person, to take the presure from the Domme. Everyone needs some down time. However, this option also has it's troubles. There are now three egoes to consider.

Anyway, in the fantasy, everything will run smoothly and to plan.

Enjoying the Heatwave

Here in England we're having a bit of a heatwave. Temperatures have been above 30 degrees. Not bad for a rain soaked island. Although I'm not a sun-worshiper, I've known several ladies who are. She isn't one I know, sadly.

A Little Humiliation Is Good For The Soul

A very common theme that I've seen is the whole size question. It seems to be an essential part of the tease, for some. It is ironic that some only get erect when they are being denied, due to their size. What a work is man?

I suppose we are all knots to be unravelled. Pull the wrong part of us and we get more tightly wound. I'd like to think that good communication is the thing, but experience has taught me it's also a matter of style. The more different the styles, the more care and patience is needed.

Meanwhile, back in the service sector...

However Extreme You Think It Is

What's the most extreme chastity fantasy you can think of? Whatever it is, I think that the majotity of these fantasies will centre around the guy. Of course these fantasies are from a guy, therefore must be from a guys point of view, right? But I try to also imagine, what's in it for her?

After all, if there's nothing in it for her, why would she play?

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Scared? Hide Behind The Sofa

The sofa is the best, safe place. Works every time, when there are Darleks on screen.

Funny how we love to be scared. (Just look at the popularity of the horror film.) Do you also like to be scared in your fantasy? Anything that gives you an adrenalin rush, eh?

Programming People

How far can you be programmed? Well, most advertising relies on how programmable we all are. But I'm talking about a fantasy, here. The answer is, of course, as much as you want. Is this far enough for your fantasy?

P.S. Red is a lovely model. She's done lots of work, particularly with Lady Sonia. Check her out. Well worth the surf.

Mechanical Toys

I don't think enough is said about toys in the bedroom. I know there are lots to choose from, on the market, but I would love there to be more toy porn out there. (Is it just me, or is most porn too one dimentional?)

Now, this young lady has the right idea.

Cruel To Be Kind

There is something irrisistable about a doe-eyed Asian lady talking about being cruel. It may have started as his fantasy, but she has passed it by and gone right through the other side. Oh, I'd love one of those. (In my fantasy?)


I love the paradoxes of fantasy. What happens when you have a sub partner and you like FemDom? Instead of letting this cause friction between you, make it into a game. There is much fun to be had. Like...

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Holiday Surprise

Holiday season is upon us. The temperature is soaring here in the Britain. It is natural therefore for fantasies to drift that way.

We men still act like schoolboys around a beautiful woman. How far would you let this one take you?

More Keyholding Services

I've noticed that there are more professional ladies offering keyholding services. The spread of chastity play moves on, a pace. I find this encouraging, as it means more people will accept this kind of play as 'normal'. (Whatever that is!)

P.S. I found this lovely picture of Summer. I know that most of the fetish work she does she plays the submissive role, but I can't help dribbling when she plays the Domme role. Check her out all over the net. Well worth the surf.

More Cuckoldry Than Chastity & Teasing

Is it my imagination, or are there more cuckoldry sites than chastity and teasing sites?

When you Google 'cuckold' you get 4,930,000 hits. 'Chastity' get 6,310,000 hits, but remember you also get the religious sites in there too. If you exlude the word 'catholic' you get 4,800,000 hits. Again, remember that Chastity is a girls name. Not sure how to weed out those. Anyway, you get the point?

I've noticed that some of you who follow this blog have cuckoldry as one of your interests. Here's a caption for you.

Playing With Locked Cocks

If you check out my earlier posts mentioning cuckoldry, I say that putting this particular fantasy into reality would, for me, brake my heart. However, a hot fantasy where my lady love plays with other locked cocks would be quite hot.