Monday, 27 July 2009

Longer Chastity Makes For Bigger Orgasms?

I've seen this debated (Yes, on mass. Thank you!) on a few websites. (Check out Edge of Vanilla, for one.) There is no doubt that waiting to cum, makes for a bigger high. However, there's a trail-off. At some point, the orgasms don't get any bigger, or more intense. The other thing that must come into play is: how skillful is your partner at playing you? How well do they know your reactions, and can judge the best time to send you over ther edge?

I think the skill of the teaser will outwiegh belt time, every time. However, to be teased with longer and longer belt times... oh my!


Anonymous said...

See, the question is, if coming after two weeks is great, then after four weeks should be better, right? Then after two months, better still, right, then after six months, even better, right?

Thing is, if you didn't come for a year, then you'd probably have to die from orgasm. But in reality, it doesn't work that way. Not saying it's not excellent to come after three months, but it's not measurably better than after two months.

ptathuk said...

Yes Tom, exactly.

I think another factor, that I forgot to mention, is how long a tease session is played. If the build up is long and slow, then the release is higher.

Do try this at home, folks! If you try to cum as quickly as possible, it will be a relative let-down. Play for at lease half an hour, and the release is much higher.

Sounds like there is a bit of cruelty to exploit here. After a prolonged chastity time, make him cum as quickly as possible, then lock him up straight away. Try to make him cum when not even fully hard. It will seem an anti-climax in retrospect.