Saturday, 18 July 2009

Ladies, Is It Possible For You To O. D. On Orgasms

It's a well known fact that the ladies can have multiple orgasms, but us guys have the big finish (usually), then when we're feeling all wonderful, we go to sleep. If your lady is still in the mood, then there's that 'eh-em' moment, which gets the the 'mmmn' response. Unseen to us guys, 'cause we're all relaxed and feeling wonderful, with our eyes shut, we get the pursed lips look - (revenge will be mine!). If ever there was a compelling argument to lock our cocks up, then this must be high on the list.

It's difficult for us guys to gauge when you girls have had enough. Telling us might give us a clue. The alternative? I don't know about you guys, but my ESP lessons are always a dismal failure. Always fail the class. Never stop being put into the position to try, though. (sigh)

I love stuff that makes things obvious. How's this for a game solution?

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