Saturday, 11 July 2009


It should be obvious that your partner will only make suggestions if she is confident. If she doen't make suggestions, then don't assume you know the source of the insecurity. You have research to do. Never get your mental exercise by jumping to conclusions.


Anonymous said...

This is kind of how Mrs. Edge had to approach it. It took some time, and she experimented. Sometimes she'd want to go longer, sometimes she's let me out weekly. I spent all of April and May in the cage, and she only let me out in June for my birthday. Now I'm back in for a minimum of a month.

The thing is, I had to become accepting of letting her do it her way. Now she kinks pretty hard for it.

ptathuk said...


Sounds like, "careful what you wish for..."

Then again, most of the visitors to this blog will be wishing the same thing, myself included.

Again, thank you for your encouragement for me to start this blog, and keep it going.