Monday, 20 July 2009

Naked or Clothed?

Is the female form more attractive naked or wearing something?

I've often wondered why most porn seems to be of naked ladies. Then I suppose I'm different. (Just look at the blog!) No surprise there, then? I think my favourite attire would be the kind that means the lady may as well be naked. Skin tight, bits exposed that ordinary clothes hide; that sort of thing. Oh, and black. I love black and shiny.

Don't get me wrong. Naked has it's place. I love the female form. It's just that I suppose I love to be teased, too.

As Samual Clements noticed (and I'm paraphrasing), Naked people have very little authority in society. Oh yes, Sam, it's all behind closed doors. Naked keyholders, oh yes!


Anonymous said...

I always like to say that my two favorite colors are "tight" and "shiny"!

ptathuk said...