Thursday, 25 June 2009


It was many years agao, as a teenager, that I read a letter in one of the Forum collections about a lady who liked to keep her partner locked in a tight girdle. A thick leather belt was sewn to the top, and a lock was threaded through the buckle. I think this was the first time I remember being turned on by chastity. I don't know why it took me so long to remember this and get a captioned image together. Sadly we don't even know how our own minds work.

Helping Law Enforcement

I keep coming back to the Chastity Club fantasy. I was looking at the comments, and came across one that mentioned 'force'. In my world all play is safe, sane and consenual. I love the idea that a guy will be the instrument of his own downfall. However, there are fantasies that involve a play resistance. (Kidnap fantasies, blackmail fantasies and even rape fantasies. - One of my girlfriends confessed a rape fantasy. I was touched by the trust this demonstrated.) As long as care is taken, (safe) then the mind should be free to roam.

[By the way, if I like a fantasy you want to share in a comment, it just might turn up in one of my captions.]

If you sign up for the club, you must obey the rules of the house.

Seek Help

I shouldn't have to point out that seeking help is a joint descision. If you do want the help of a relationship counsellor, then it is pointless if only one of you attends.

But then, once you agree, there is the fantasy...

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

One Minute You're Having a Coffee

Refer to 'Windows' below.

What struck me about this image was how lovely this lady would look dressed in a nice summer dress. We'd be sharing a coffee and chat, then okay the conversation slips to sex, and eventually a full confession. After a bit of planning on her part and a lot of melting on mine we get...


To me these captions are a window into the bigger story. I look at the faces and extend what has happened and what is going to happen, before and after the images. The caption is just a taste of the story; just a tantalising glimpse. Just a window into the bigger picture.

Give Up

The main thing about tease I like is the fact that by giving something up you gain so much.

I've touched on this before; games for lovers strengthen the relationship. There's something really erotic about asking to be placed in chastity, and then asked in a straight innocent look, 'Are you sure?', again and again.

I think it's the innocent look that gets me. You know, the willing partner, just checking?

Say It With Flowers

Start as you mean to go on.

Good advice, I think. How many mariages end when the guy springs on his lady a favourite fantasy, after the ceremony? In my view this is inexcusable. The only exception to this is when the guy didn't know himself, beforehand. This is possible, as I only started to look at chastity belts in recent years. (Gotta love the Internet.) I've always had a thing for FemDom and fetish wear, and was honest with all my girlfriends about this.

Honesty is always the best policy. It pays many dividends...

If Only It Were That Easy

The well planned discovery leading to the whole-hearted adoption of one's fantasy? - Ah to dream! Of course the ease with which this occurs is also part of the fantasy. In the real world, there is another person to consider. They will also have their own fantasies and preferences. To ignore this is at best rude. But what if the other person says that they don't have fantasies, and they are quite willing to go along with yours? A dream come true? Don't you believe it.

They say, 'never look a gift horse in the mouth'. Well, look. And look hard. Small sacrifices early on become huge rifts later. I speak from bitter experience, here. I found it very suspicious when my partner told me she didn't have fantasies. The relationship ended, because I didn't question this more.

Take your time. Ask questions. It's easy for a girl to find out what turns her guy on. We come with a protruding barometer, for heaven's sake! Finding out about her can be a little more tricky. She has to be honest with herself, before she can be honest with you.

While you figure out how you're going to figure this out, here's a little light fantasy to pass the time...

Friday, 19 June 2009

In The Fast Lane At The Club

I keep coming back to a Chastity Club. The other thing I have a thing for is, Oriental ladies. I can't help being turned to jelly by the thought of a petite lady much smaller and weaker than I am, having enormous power over me.

This young lady seems to have that look.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Beauty Contests

I think there's nothing to spit the sexes more than a Beauty Contest. Some women obviously like them, otherwise they wouldn't enter them. Or are they hooked on the adoration? Other women express the view that these displays are degrading to women. I got this image in my head of a guy wiping the druel from his chin, at the end of the bikini round, turning to said feminist and saying, "Wha'?"

I suppose it is definately a guy thing. We are attracted viually first. Can't escape biology. Should we pay for how we're hard wired?


It's nice to think that any time we're having relationship problems, there'd be someone we could turn to for guidance. Sadly, most of the time this its just another fantasy. I suppose this is why I've fantasised about a Chastity Club, complete with support staff. (All be it dressed in male fantasy attire!)

(Relaxes on couch.) It's all in my head, you know?. You can't get in, but you can peek. :-))

Summer Cummings

Even though this lady is artificially enhanced, she is still one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Sadly, I think she's a Picies. Since I'm a Taurean, I can't understand Piceans. Still, there's always fantasy...

P.S. Check out her web site and appearances all over the Internet. Well worth the surf.

Nudity & Teasing

What is more teasing when you're locked in chastity, a skimpy revealing outfit or nudity?

A previous blog caption dealt with a nudist tease club, but most of my captioned ladies are dressed. I think, for me, an outfit, (not always fetish - shiny and black), can be more sexy. I think the lady looks to be more in control, when dressed. However, once the 'poor' fellow is safely locked away, the lady is safe to remove whatever she wants.

Sunday, 14 June 2009


I shall resist the old one about nostalgia not being what it used to be. (Sigh.) Instead, home in on what would appear to be simpler times. The euphoria at having survived a world war took at least two decades to die down. The fifties and the first half of the sixties were awash with images of domestic bliss. Happy couples looking well off and happy with all the new electrical appliances from televisions to food mixers, from record players to washing machines. What a shame it was all a fantasy. (Well, mostly.)

The truth was that it was a well-engineered propaganda campaign to get women out of the workplace and back in the home, looking after the kids. Women had proven themselves the equal of men, building the engines of war. Now it was time to return to normal. Normal? Isn't equality normal? Sadly, the fight for equality still rages. However, that's the beauty of a FemDom relationship; the balances are reversed.

Anyway, back to a simpler time. Back to fantasy...

Ultimate Fantasy

We all want to be loved. I't one of the basic survival things, right after water, shelter and food. People have been known to go crazy with loneliness.

So, the ultimate fantasy must therefore be, not only to be loved, but understood!

Monday, 8 June 2009


I love the old Bizzare magazines of the 1950s and early 1960s. To think these wonderful publications were 30 years ahead of any wide-spread use of the Internet! These people of the Velvet Underground risked criminal prosecution under a hole host of Postal Laws just to confirm one another's existance. Something we take for granted, today.

I admire the determination. Can't fight the desires of human nature.

I have no idea where this image came from. (Other than ImageFap.) My immeadiate reaction was 'Wow!'. If anyone knows the source, or has a link to more, perhaps a series, please leave a URL in the comment.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sit Back, And Take It In

I like captions with some story or idea for a new game. And then there are ones that just say it all in the eyes.

That First Step

It's always great when a loved one understands a fantasy. I love the warning phrase, "Careful what you wish for; you just might get it."

Combination Locks

Maybe not the most secure of locks, as once you have a little time, it can be opened very easily. However, it could be used as part of a game.

Crossing The Bridge

It's a funning thing about extreme fantasies.

I saw a cartoon where Porky is playing a theatrical agent. A wolf keeps bothering him to demonstrate his act. After 5 minutes of the 6 minute cartoon Porky finally agrees to view the act.

The wolf starts: "First I take this can of gas (petrol for us British)." He drinks the whole can. "Then I eat this dynamite." He eats the stick. "Then I take this Nitrogycerine." He up-ends the small jar. "And finally the lighted match." The obvious explosion occurs.

Porky is very impressed. "Stupendous. Marvelous. You're hired."

The wolf apears through a hole in the floor as a ghost. "Great. But there's only one tiny thing wrong with it."

"Yeah. What?" Asks Porky.

"I can only do it once."

Complex and Extreme

The whole idea of a Chastity Club is to offer support and encouragement to a newly introduced partner. Just imagine...

Another Ponyboy

As I fantasise more, the fantasies get more complex. I wish there was more FemDom art from Benson, who does some amazing art for the House of Gord.

Practcal Matters

Fantasising about the perfect chastity belt and getting one are two different things. I've read many blogs and articles (particularly on Alterboy's and Tom Alan's Vanilla Edge websites - see links on the right of this page) about the trial and errors, and little adjustments that are needed to even get the thing to be comfortable, let alone work.

That's another thing about fantasising about a Chastity Club: The sexy beltsnith will get you the perfect chastity belt first time, every time.

Riding Club

Continuing with the Chastity Club theme... I also love the whole PonyBoy fantasy as well. Sadly I'm not as fit as I once was, so it will have to remain a fantasy. Carpe diem.