Sunday, 7 June 2009

Crossing The Bridge

It's a funning thing about extreme fantasies.

I saw a cartoon where Porky is playing a theatrical agent. A wolf keeps bothering him to demonstrate his act. After 5 minutes of the 6 minute cartoon Porky finally agrees to view the act.

The wolf starts: "First I take this can of gas (petrol for us British)." He drinks the whole can. "Then I eat this dynamite." He eats the stick. "Then I take this Nitrogycerine." He up-ends the small jar. "And finally the lighted match." The obvious explosion occurs.

Porky is very impressed. "Stupendous. Marvelous. You're hired."

The wolf apears through a hole in the floor as a ghost. "Great. But there's only one tiny thing wrong with it."

"Yeah. What?" Asks Porky.

"I can only do it once."


Giles English said...

Or perhaps she just threw the key in the river?

Giles English said...

But seriously - I get your point. Some fantasies revolve around one-off moments.

You can't really replicate the ones about permanent lock-in, because no CB is indestructable.

You can, however, use timelock software and a combination lock to create short* periods of inescapable lock-in.

*More more expensive your CB, the longer you'll put up with without breaking it.

ptathuk said...


Thank you for taking the time to comment.

The key in the river, eh? Another cartoon moment!