Sunday, 7 June 2009

Practcal Matters

Fantasising about the perfect chastity belt and getting one are two different things. I've read many blogs and articles (particularly on Alterboy's and Tom Alan's Vanilla Edge websites - see links on the right of this page) about the trial and errors, and little adjustments that are needed to even get the thing to be comfortable, let alone work.

That's another thing about fantasising about a Chastity Club: The sexy beltsnith will get you the perfect chastity belt first time, every time.


Tom Allen said...

Yeah, I know - in the Chastity Universe, you just grab a device, slap it on, and it stays locked for the next six months.

I can't even imagine how many men hove bought a device after reading the chastity pr0n and figured it would be just that easy. And that's too bad, because I'll bet half of them have tossed the device away, thinking it was the device that was a piece of junk because it didn't work properly.

ptathuk said...

No bet there, Tom. Hopefully a reasonable proprtion would gravitate to your site and Alterboy's to get the real story.

It's a shame Tammad's old site was finally removed from TPE. His diary was a fantastic read, and gave the real trial and error story. One of the few to live the dream... (Sigh)