Thursday, 25 June 2009

Helping Law Enforcement

I keep coming back to the Chastity Club fantasy. I was looking at the comments, and came across one that mentioned 'force'. In my world all play is safe, sane and consenual. I love the idea that a guy will be the instrument of his own downfall. However, there are fantasies that involve a play resistance. (Kidnap fantasies, blackmail fantasies and even rape fantasies. - One of my girlfriends confessed a rape fantasy. I was touched by the trust this demonstrated.) As long as care is taken, (safe) then the mind should be free to roam.

[By the way, if I like a fantasy you want to share in a comment, it just might turn up in one of my captions.]

If you sign up for the club, you must obey the rules of the house.

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