Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Living The Dream

I remember a few years ago, a blog of Tammad. He kept a diary when his girlfriend (Pinkie) got him a steel chastity belt. It made facinating reading. I've just noticed that both their websites are no longer up. This is such a pitty. They were the first couple I read about living the dream.


Lamont Cranston said...

Tammad died rather abruptly several years ago (and yes, he was quite young . . under 40?) I'm not sure of the circumstances, but my recollection is that a chronic illness overwhelmed him.

ptathuk said...

Lamont, thank you for taking the time to comment.

Yes, Tammad was too young. I seem to remember it was a car crash. It may have been one of his trips to give blood. I think it was after he boke up with Pinkie, as she wanted kids and he didn't.

I could be remembering this wrong, as it was so long ago, now.