Tuesday, 5 May 2009

So Lonely (Lyrics by Police)

It still amazes me that someone can live in a city, surrounded by millions of people, and still be lonely. You would think that the Internet would help solve this. Instead it could be making it worse. Facebook et. al. and even these blogs promote a superficial illusion of friendship. Many collect 'friends' like others collect today’s postage stamps, to place in an album, never to be looked at again. The 'normal' social skills are being used less and less, while ever-bizarre abbreviations are invented for the lazy typist using a keyboard smaller than a deck of cards.

We have a myriad of communication devices, but are loosing the basic skills of communication. How ironic is that?

Why are you reading this blog, instead of interacting with a real person, as nature intended - without the use of anything electronic? Come to think of it, why am I rambling on when I should be following my own implied advice? Loneliness.

In this fast-paced throw-away rat-race we call life, it has become very difficult, for those like you reading this blog, to find someone of like mind, with which to communicate, let alone team up as a life partner. The 'god-send' (sic) is the Internet. It can help those from around the world to communicate one true fact: We are not alone in our proclivities.

Somewhere, out there, there is someone looking for me, looking for them...

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