Monday, 18 January 2010

It's All A Matter Of Style

I've seen comments on forums where the person is so fearful of upsetting someone they back away from the question they really wanted to ask. It is a sad reality that not everyone has the confidence to ask a question in such a protected and anonymous environment as the Internet. It is all a question of style.

My response was as follows:

Not to put too fine a point to it, we all have a different style. Although I think much rubbish is written about star signs, I do like the shorthand, as a start point of discussion. For example, Librans like to gather the most information before they commit to a solution. Sagittarians fire arrows with the sole purpose of getting a response. Taureans reach a comfort level, and then execute their plan. They are known to be stubborn, and only change their minds if very important information comes to light. (I'm Taurean) Pisceans never get lost, they just change where it is they want to go! But just like the salmon, they have enormous courage, and can overcome great obstacles.

I'm rambling, but here's the thing. I'm an earth sign. ... Highly practical; goal orientated. ... However, I've known others I find very difficult to follow, or communicate with, but somehow seem to get where they want to go. As I've mellowed with age (he boasts) I become mad at myself for my misunderstandings rather that at the people I don't understand. However hard I try, I still make assumptions, when there are gaps. (As I'm not very good at reading between the lines, there are perhaps more gaps for me).

Obviously the kind of partner I would look for would share or be in a position to understand my style. ... I've known partners where it is very easy to power exchange, and others not so easy. In my experiences, it always comes down to a matter of style.

(the ... are edits to remove person to person statements, only relevant there.) I continue on:

The Western Star Sign has three main parts:

1. Sun Sign. Fixed on the day you were born. (Everybody knows this one!) This kicks in when you start interacting with people socially, after you are a toddler.

2. Moon Sign. Fixed on the time of day and on the day you were born. This kicks in at puberty, when you start interacting with a mate.

3. The Ascendant. Fixed by the place, time and day you were born. This is an average of where all the planets, (except the moon, and sun - yes, I know these are not planets.), were. So you could have the earth between you and say Saturn, and so Saturn would have less of an influence, for example. This is how you behave without social or romantic interaction. You will be this sign and only this sign when you are a toddler.

These three can be different, and explains why some people are non-typical of their Sun Sign. The interplay between these three factors show how you approach things and use the experiences you accumulate in life. For example, Gemini people have little patience. They attack problems in small chunks, often doing several things at once. But they still achieve goals. This is their style. It has nothing to do with the ever increasing number of problems they can solve due to the accumulation of experience.

[End Quote]

Some people need the approval of their peers to function; for example, Chineese Sign Snakes. Others are very comfortable with their own moral centre; for example, Chineese Sign Wild Boar (Pig).

Some signs excude confidence (Taurean) while others show the oposite (Scorpios).

The last two examples are oposites on the Sign tables. Anyway, look up the traits. It will make an excellent discussion point, if nothing else. No belief required!

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The universe is indeed a wonderous place, with only a very small fraction explored, and even less known.

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