Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Life's Little Cruelties

Been a while since I posted. Sorry. Had a lot to deal with, lately.

I don't know about you, but given the choice between a long drawn out emotional turnoil or a fast, jolly good hiding, I'd take the hiding every time. Of course, being a masochist helps with that decision! Putting that aside for one moment, do you like the plaster (bandaid) removed fast or slow?

This one is slow:

This one is fast:

And this one is a nice rest in the garden, when you're quite finished!

P.S. This lovely lady is Nina Birch. She has her own web site, and appears on English Mansion. Check her out - well worth the surf.


Giles English said...

Lady in garden:

"For every stroke you take, you get ten minutes in the summer house doing anything you want with me... What? No of course you don't get to take off your chastity belt."

ptathuk said...

Thank you, Giles. After you in the Summer House!