Wednesday, 6 January 2010

One Year plus 2 Days Ago

Well, hoz about that, then? Over the year. Happy New Year, everyone. - And especially to those that follow this blog. I'm encouraged that there's so many. It means there are far more that remain anonymous, and just keep the link in their favourites. It's kinda overwhelming for me to think about this. As you know, it's not why I started this blog.

At the moment, I intend to carry on. I think it's becoming more difficult to be original, but I know quite a few of you say that you enjoy the repeated themes. Thank you, all.


Tom Allen said...

I'm still amazed at the wide range of pictures that you manage to find.

ptathuk said...


I like sites that are visual. Large text pages don't do much for me. Must be my second childhood, and my regression to my comic era. Anyway, I just like a well photographed, lovely lady. What more can I say?