Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Clubbing Together

Guys don't talk about sex with one another like gals. Is that a good or bad thing? No idea. But it does raise some interesting possibilities - fantasy wise...


Giles English said...

It's a lovely thought - women do have a way of egging each other on.

What about a tontine? Everybody puts money in the pot each month, and the last person couple with a chaste husband wins the money. As the time went by, the pressure to stay locked in would almost entirely equal the urge to be unlocked.

Throne said...

Fine idea, Giles.

My thought was what it would be like to be a husband whose wife joins that club, but she starts out being more conservative than the other ladies. Every time they talked she would become stricter, crueler, and more demanding, as they gave her ideas and encouragement. Her husband would always be thinking, "What next?" and "How far will she go?"

ptathuk said...


Devious as always. Love the idea.


Do I sense another story coming on? I haven't seen anything from you in a while.

Thanks guys


Anonymous said...

I love the chastity club scenarios, and holiday themes. Very hot.

Heres something that happened to me, might be worth developing. My wife and I have an invite to a Jacuzzi party. Very upright people, friends, so no hanky panky. My wife said she ought to unlock me (CB3000 been on 3 months now) because the CB would show through my trunks. She then thought a minute, and said I'd probably get an uncontrollable stiffy seeing the ladies, and it's not worth the risk. So she gets to go in the Jacuzzi, and I stay locked (and dressed).

ptathuk said...


Love the idea. I think I have a caption? I'll see if I can find it.


Throne said...

ptathuk -- I sent a new story, FIRST ANNIVERSARY, to Altarboy back on July 4. They haven't added any fiction since June, so I'm hoping they'll post several contributions at once, sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

i love bdsm games too.