Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I Want To Complain

It's a very British thing that it takes a lot to get us to the point where we actually complain about something. If anyone knows how to stop Korean adverts being posted in Comments, please comment.

Anyway, while I wait, here are some captions...


hersforever said...

As far as spam goes, I've just had to enable comment moderation and delete them all as they come in but before they're posted to the blog. It's a pain but at least a sign that you rank high enough in some search somewhere that they want to spam your blog! :)

ptathuk said...


Thanks for the advice, it's very useful.

You may get from my blog that I don't seek the limelight, or grand-stand. I'm very flattered by your mention of my search-engine status. I have a little more empathy with a celebrity with a stalker. I don't like it.

I have missed comments, in the past. Your suggestion would be the perfect way to catch them all. I will have to think about it. My favourite solution would be to ban all non-western fonts. At least then I could read the darn things!

Thank you for taking the time to comment.


vanillaedge said...

If you've enabled the CAPTCHA (word verification) option, that should take care of 99% of spam.

BTW, this set was one of the best in a long time. My favorite colors are "tight" and "shiny".

ETA: word-ver: wompodra :-)

ptathuk said...


I've got the word verification set to 'on'. This guy is persistant. I've back traced the same links to different blog accounts. By the time I get to look at the blogger profile, his blog has been deleted.

Glad you like the set.

'ETA: word-ver: wompodra'? Too oblique for me. I know I'm being thick. Sorry. Translation, please.