Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Come Clean

Does your partner really know your dark side? (Not a Star Wars reference! - Pink Floyd.) Since the mind can go places we can't physically, is there any mileage in hiding what is in essence - you?

You know, I've always wanted one of these, to get in my head? Are you listening, Santa? - One of these. I've been good, honest.


Giles English said...

I'm not sure I believe in the kinky self being the "real self".

Throne said...

I love the final entry in this series, a Dominant woman who will get into your head and fulfill your fantasies. And she's full figured. Ahhhh. The end of the caption, about her denying him sex, making him serve her in bed, and probably punishing him in the end, is perfect. She says, "Happy, my darling?" I know I would be.

ptathuk said...


If you believe in star signs, we're actiually nine voices, all wanting to have their say. I would postulate that the kinky self is the self we show to people we trust. Therefore it would be more representative of who we are than any other circumstance. Just postulating.


Thank you for the encouragement.

Thanks guys


Giles English said...

I'm more in the "kink is a workaround for unresolved/unresolvable issues" camp. See my recent postings for more discussion.

(Would welcome your input, actually. And I comment on your blog quite regularly so....)