Sunday, 25 October 2009

Playing Hard To Get

Claiming the attentions of a loved one are unwanted is, of course, pure fantasy. I love the knowing grin of this lovely looking lady. This is all part of the tease.


Throne said...

A fun alternative to pretending not to want someone's attentions is to make believe you're 'just trying to help'. For instance, a wife can say that her husband is being selfish or overeager and she's keeping him in chastity and teasing him to make it 'easier' for him to break those habits. After a while she might even have him believing it's 'all his fault'.

Giles English said...

"Good news, Mr Smith! The implant has taken and there's no sign of infection where the bars pierce the skin. Now it's time to check if you can still get hard down there."

ptathuk said...

Nice and helpful, Throne. :-)

Ouch, Giles! Devious as always.

Thanks, guys.