Monday, 26 October 2009

Taking Technology For Granted

It just struck me that I've seen a lot of advances in my half century. I saw men walking on the moon, (Please check your conspiricy theories at the blog, next door!), not to mention the Internet. I think my favourite, though, is the advances in the quality of rubber and latex garments. The free availability of an ever increasing range of bedroom toys must come a close second.

We live in interesting times. Bizarrely, "May you live in interesting times", just happens to be one of the worst Chineese curses. Perhaps if we gave each other an occasional hug?


Throne said...

If you would like to read about a possible future advance in chastity technology, check a story I posted on Altarboy. It's called INVISIBLE CHASTITY and is under the name Throne. Go to the list of Male Chastity with Female Keyholder fiction. It's about the 10th from the bottom. The technique is rather wicked. ENJOY.

crayle said...

Truly diabolical: A vibrator that will work only with the keys to his c-belt inside!

ptathuk said...


Found the story, thanks. Let that be a lesson to us all? Yes, I do like Sci-Fi. There are a couple of other furure what if's there too.


Thanks for the encouragement.