Sunday, 11 October 2009

Using My Images

The thing about these images is that they're not really mine. The captions are mine, but the images are not. I feel that I'm complying with the spirit of the copyright laws, rather than the letter, as you'll notice, I make no money from any advertising on this blog. This is a consious decision. I would encourage you to use any of these images, but I must ask that you do not profit in any way by it. It should be for entertainment only.

I try and leave any (c) information on these images, but sometimes I crop images to improve the composition. If any image owner would like the (c) restored, or a link placed in the text, please let me know. I'm hoping you won't want me to remove your image.

P.S. This started life as a black and white image. I'm impressed at how my graphics package turned it out.

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