Monday, 26 October 2009

Seriously Red

This lovely lady is Red. (No, that's her name.) I don't know what it is about her, but I find her extremely lovely. You can find more images all over the net, but prticularly at Lady Sonia's site.

I think she's been modelling for about 20 years. I first remember seeing her in a British spanking mag. She was wielding a long ratten cane, and her short skirt showed that her legs when all the way up to the top. Seek out Mistress Red, well worth the surf.


Dorpsgek said...

I don't suppose she opted for the Remote Control Education Shield while she was in Germany. The RCES concept is amazingly wicked, but I'd rather fantasize about Mrs D using it instead of actually experiencing it.

ptathuk said...


She can have whatever you want her to have! It's all in your head!

Fantasy is usually much better than reality, and safer, too!


m4f4realtimeplayphoenix said...

Screw fantasy. I love to be in a relationship with a hot dominate women like her.

ptathuk said...


I think Red is a switch. Either that or she's a good actress. She seems equally good in both sub and domme roles.

I agree, I'd love to, too. Poor girl may get stampeaded in the rush, though.