Sunday, 8 November 2009

Caption! Caption! My kingdom for a caption.

A little while ago there was a suggestion from the audience that I post an image and invite captions. I'm not sure this image doesn't work without a caption, but have a go, anyway.

Think how may horses you could scare inserting this somewhere in the holiday album!


Giles English said...

It started as a contest - who ever stay stayed in longest gets the girl. 5 years on, it's looking more like a lifestyle...

ptathuk said...

Love it, Giles. Thank you.


Billus said...

"Look my love; here's a photo from my two week solo vacation last month. It's too bad you couldn't go as well, but somebody had to stay home and keep the house clean while locked in their chastity belt; At least we know neither of us were fooling around, don't we my darling?

We've made plans to get together again next year. You don't mind, do you? I didn't think so!"

ptathuk said...


Thank you for the caption. Lovely and cruel. And thank you for the encouragement by playing.


sandman9355 said...

The guy with us is Josh. His wife Susan and he are old-timers, they've been experimenting with denial and chastity for some fifteen years now. It was amazing how much we've learned from them.

Susan even gave me some advice on prostate milking that actually worked. We've tried it a few times before, with no success, but I followed Susan's instructions and boy it got Pete's spermies flowing!

I had my travelling vibe up his behind - yeah, I used my own vibe, I wanted to try it so much I wasn't going to wait till we got home - and his dick locked up, and when the first globs of his sperm dripped out it was such a rush of emotion...

You wouldn't believe how much *pride* I saw on my hubby's face. He was horny, a part of him *needed* an orgasm, but he wanted me to continue. I can't fully explain the rush you feel when you're milking your man this way and you both want it, you'd have to experience this yourself, but it was another milestone in our sex life.

This photo was taken the day after, and you can still see the happy smile on Pete's face.

By the way, we're goint to the same resort next year. How about you joining us? Maybe that would be the kind of impulse you feel your marriage needs, eh? :-)

Throne said...

"I love these little outings with my husband and my ex, both of them in chastity and serving me. Sometimes they compete to see who can pamper me the best."

ptathuk said...


Loved the epic. Susan obviously taking the picture. A complete fantasy, with so much potential to set one's imagination running off in all sorts of directions. Thank you.


Thank you for the encouragement by playing. Glad it inspired you.

Thanks guys


BadBob said...

Here we are hiking in one of Chastity Island's 'clothing optional' areas. I had to remind the boys that chastity devices were NOT clothing, and definitely were NOT optional. But they perked up when I hinted that I might show favors to one who pleased me the most.

ptathuk said...


Thank you for playing. I often fantasise about Chastity Island. Would love to make one, if ever I became a billionaire! :-))


quorr said...

"OK Lover-boys, the key to your device is buried on this beach. Whoever finds it first gets full on sex. The loser licks me clean!
Six months of chastity should be a good incentive to make an effort.

We are here on Chastity Island for a week which should give you time but don't worry if you don't find it this Year, we can always come back!