Friday, 13 November 2009


My last lady friend was not a fan, sadly. My ex was a fan; she had several. I've conversed with a couple of ladies on forums that hated them. (Very sad.) I can't help but think this kind of garment is totally impractical, but oh so sexy. Definately a guy thing! I think the attraction for me is the tease aspect. It's a garment that is so insignificant, it might as well not be there. Oh yes, definately a guy thing!


maymay said...

What makes you think this is exclusively "a guy thing"? Attire that's very revealing seems to have been extremely popular on

I think the stereotype of this sort of appeal as being gendered is incredibly flawed.

Tom Allen said...

Actually, *I* wear a thong once in a while.
When I'm not going commando, that is ;-)

ptathuk said...


I think you can find everything under the sun, you just need to look. However, in my miniscule experience (compared with under the sun) thongs are tollerated for the guys.

Perhaps I could add this kind of detail in an ad? But then the darn thing would read like a legal document! "...oh, and must like dogs."

I'm ever hopeful, though. Anyway guys, stop teasing; I'd prefer you left that to the ladies! :-))

Thanks guys