Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Introductions to the Religion

There are some religions that introduce themselves to vulnerable people, by parading a happy family in front of them. The sub-text is: you too can be this happy, if you join our religion. I can't comment on the motivations of these people, as I've only met a very small number. However, I think that the whole thing would be far more meaningful, and more in keeping with the central message of these religions (love thy nieghbour), if help was given unconditionally. Only then, when the troubled and vulnerable are stronger, should they be encouraged to join the religion.

Meanwhile, back at the fantasy. Getting ideas from another couple could help those new to the chastity fetish get a head start. It would certainly ease the burden on the budding domme.


Throne said...

I enjoy how you capture that moment when a couple is about to take the plunge into a new life. There's a delicious tension to making the decision to commit. I can hear this lovely wife, later, reminding him that she asked, "Are you sure about this?"

ptathuk said...


You may have realised that the nexus of descision is one of my favourites, too.