Monday, 30 November 2009

Taking Holiday By Going Nowhere

When one has spent an age making a house into a home, it seems strange to me that anyone would want to run away from it. I suppose there is the idea that meeting new people is good for us?

How about just tell all your friends you're going away, but then play some games at home? I would love to play house and home with this lovely looking oriental lady!


Giles English said...

"That was fun, but now I'm taking the weekend off to reorganise the house and do the gardening. You can stay down here out of the way... Don't whinge, I've left you plenty of erotic novels and porn mags to keep you entertained... Unlock your chastity belt? Sorry I left the key upstairs. See you Monday morning..."

ptathuk said...


Glad to see you continue to be devious!