Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Decisions, Decisions!

My last post was all about taking that first step. Now what about that last step? I got a lot of comments about how much more exciting mean women are. How about watching them deciding to be meaner still?

Of course, a permanent chastity belt is fictional. Many of those made today are meant for play wear, and have to come off regularly for hygiene purposes, as well as giving the physique a rest. However, in the world of fantasy...


Robert_Anthony said...

Hi, your blog has inspired me to write a piece about mean girls, I included a link back here for anyone interested.

nemo said...

I love your captioned photos. I may have to do a series on decisions myself. In the mean time, I'll keep an eye your blog. Keep up the great work!


ptathuk said...


Thank you for taking the time to comment, and for the kind words of encouragement.


His blog may be found here:


Nice to hear from you, again. Thank you.


Throne said...

The idea of women becoming meaner is both scary and appealing. I like how you've shown it here. Having one's limits pushed further and further is fascinating.

Maybe someday there really will be permanent chastity. We can only hope.

ptathuk said...


Let the imagination run wild!

Any more stories on the horizon?


Throne said...

What's in the works now is the story I mentioned on your other site, under the pictures REPOST TURNS INTO A SERIES. That story is CONTROLLING WIFE and, as mentioned, is built around two women talking to each other, something that I find enjoyable. It has grown past the two-parter length and I've begun a third installment. After they're all done I'll send them to Altarboy.

ptathuk said...


Looking forward to them. I'll keep an eye out, but let me know, anyway.



Anonymous said...

In the world of reality if any of these dommes were to top me in there fetish were I would submit to permanent chastity. Especially if I got to be their whipping and clean up boy

ptathuk said...


Glad I could inspire your imagination. Thank you.


Tattourouge said...


Knowing your blog, enjoying it and following it.

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ptathuk said...


Thank you for taking the time to comment.

Interesting set of pictures, but I can't read your language, alas.


subshop said...

Hi your chastity Fantasies were totally fantastic.