Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Another Month! Seeing Snow

I know, I'm lazy. I don't blog as often as I should. Have you seen the snow out there? (London, UK.) Beautiful, when viewed from a cosy, warm house. We're definitely in an ice age. Thank goodness for a bit of global warming!

Anyway, perhaps some sunny fantasies will warm you all up?

I noticed that Butlins is back in business. (Popular 1950s holiday camp, before the age of the package tour.) Well, you know where that leads my fantasies, don't you? These holiday helpers never wear a red coat.


Throne said...

I like the couple on the beach, with the wife cuffing her husband's hands behind his back. Not only forces him to keep his chastity exposed, but adds to his general feeling of helplessness. Inspried.

ptathuk said...

Thank you, Throne.


BOB said...

I agree with Throne. Thats a great photo!

ptathuk said...

Thank you. BOB. Looking at it again, I realise it's one I altered.


Laura said...

We had almost no snow left on Friday. Over the weekend it really piled up again. I'm supposed to get out today but I'm having a hard time finding the will to put on my coat and get out the door.

ptathuk said...


Thanks for the comment. I know what you mean.

Just occured - snowmen, snow women, but has anyone built a snow chastity belt? The cold would certainly stop erections!