Monday, 5 November 2012

Celebrating Failure

In the UK the 5th of November is celebrated as Guy Fawkes Night with fireworks. It is to celebrate a Spanish Catholic failing to destroy The House Of Lords in 1605. Guy's effigy is placed on bonfires at the centre of these celebrations. I've always wondered that if we were celebrating a success, wouldn't the day be called Parliament's Day?

Only we British seem to celebrate failure. My home is a strange land.

Anyway, enjoy the uncertainties...


Tom Allen said...

Hey PT - I know that you tend to focus on the beginnings of the relationship. I don't know of you've checked out our forum: We now have a section in there called The Journey, and it's a place for people to blog about how they get started and what they're going through. I thought you might be interested in reading the experiences of others.

Nice job with this round, BTW.

ptathuk said...


Thanks for the 'heads-up'.

As always, thanks for the encouragement.