Thursday, 28 February 2013

I Miss Leap Years

Remember that on a 29th of February a lady can do the proposing? For a submissive, this opportunity is a long time to wait!

I wonder if times have changed where this is no longer the norm? How many of you are married, after the lady popped the question, but it wasn't on any 29 February?

I think a sizable part of the submissive psyche is that they get turned on by a lady who knows what she wants. - As long as what she wants is the submissive guy? Enjoy the ladies, who know what they want...


Throne said...

Some great concepts here. And the picture of the rubber outfit is a winner. You should explore that idea of a chastity with all the accessories, starting with a ring to which a leash can be clipped.

ptathuk said...


Another missed comment. I should look at the blog control centre more often!

Thank you for your encouragement