Sunday, 23 June 2013

It's Been A While. Sorry

It's been a while, as real life intrudes. Other things on my mind, of late.

I just noticed that I'm a couple away from 300 followers. Wow! Thank you all for staying with me.

Today's theme is: discovery. If your little secret is discovered by the one you love, let's hope it all goes well. Enjoy...

This last lady is a stunning beauty. She appears on various sites with self-portraits. I wish she had a larger presence. Does anyone know her name? Cheers!


cohara00 said...

Well the Ptathuk, you'll have to make it up to us with a flood of posts!

Joking aside, I love this series! Hits a cord with me as this was an actual experience of mine.

Thanks for your continued posts and I look forward to the next set.

ptathuk said...


Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, and for the encoragement.

You never said if the outcome of the discovery was good? Hope it was.


Tom Allen said...

Nice to see you get back to the basics. This is my favorite theme.

And is that third picture the delightful London Andrews? I'm very taken with her.

ptathuk said...


Thank you for your continued encouragement. I'm not sure if London is in there. I'm with you - whenever I see her pictures, I can't help but think of hugs. (As a start point!)


Throne said...

My favorite is the gal sitting in the chair, brazenly displaying herself and being so demanding. Attitude can be everything in these scenes.