Sunday, 22 September 2013


I've just seen that ChastityLover has posted nine of my captions. Some have been reblogged by others, too. I think that's great. It's nice to see my work appreciated on other sites. Can I ask a small thing, please. Can you link your audience back here, so that if they enjoy my captions, they can enjoy some more?

Contrary to the theme of these captions, I won't be 'coming to get you'. I can hardly get precious over the images, as I get them from all over. Some I even recaption. I make no money from this site, and do not own any of the images. Only the words are mine. I've always been happy to remove any image which does not belong to me. (Leave a comment on the latest blog.) In five years of blogging these captions, that's only happened twice.

Enjoy the "who's been naughty" theme...


Throne said...

These are some rather harsh women. Lots of physical punishments. Variety is the spice of chastity.

ptathuk said...


Perhaps it was the way I was feeling at not having the other sites link back here for my captions. It wasn't just one or two.

I'm a lot more calm, now! :-)


cohara00 said...

You're spoiling us with the frequency ptathuk, hoping it continues!!

The caption with the lady in the red bikini is my favourite of this post.

As always, looking forward to your next set!

ptathuk said...


Thank you for your encouragement.

I post when I have an idea, but have been sidetracked for a long time, now. I'm hoping next year will be easier for me.