Monday, 7 April 2014


In any consensual play both parties have to agree on the limits. It's then up to the Top to guide play, so both have fun. The Bottom should not loose sight of the effort this takes, especially for a Switch.

These are fantasies after the negotiations are over. Of course, there's nothing to stop re-negotiations. Enjoy...


MijTheLessur said...

Another fine batch; keep up the good work!

ptathuk said...


Thank you for taking the time to comment, and for the encouragement.


Throne said...

This theme of fantasy games is perfect. You should do another set of these. Maybe include that cuckold fantasy game.

ptathuk said...


I still have in mind to creat another Blog, to keep the cuckold theme separate. Recent events have left me with little spare time. I just police this Blog, at the moment.

I miss your chastity/cuckold stories. Any new ones? Have you thought of starting your own Blog to store the old as well as the new?


Throne said...

Hello ptathuk. Still doing stories, mostly on Lots of forced feminization, some cuckolding, and a bit of chastity. Check them out and feel free to leave comments.