Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Chastity paradox

Paradoxically chastity play is all about sex. That's the thing about paradoxes, you can't adequately explain them. So in answer to the question, "Are you sure?", the correct response would be, "No, but let's do it anyway."


Anonymous said...

P, you've got some of the hottest pictures I've seen. And excellent job with the captions - not overdone or extreme, just enough to be believable.

And this is one of my favorites: The situation has already been discussed, and you know that the conversation is something like "No, it's not a game anymore, we're going to turn it into a regular part of our lives."

ptathuk said...

Vanillaedge, Thanks for the encouragement. I'd like to see another picture of this model. Then I'd set the caption a month later. "This no sex game with your chastity belt. Are you still sure?" And so the fantasy progresses into a puddle of lust.

I just love the idea that all this was self-inflicted.

Anonymous said...

i agree with vanilla edge: your pix are very good, and the text is very believable. Nice going!