Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Good Technology

I don't know about you, but I enjoy good Sci-Fi. The type that explores an issue, rather than the black box solution. I think Star Trek Voyager was the perfect example of this. The episode was either fantastic or a complete let-down. When the writers had an off day, a 'magic' piece of technology would save the day. Argh!

But then there's fantasy. What if you could have your fantasy belt? What little piece of technological magic would make your dreams come true? Good Sci-Fi is also based on reality, otherwise it's Fantasy. (Which again falls into two categories: a challenging exploration of issues or pixie droppings.) Anyway, enjoy my issues!


Throne said...

An option for a fantasy chastity would be one in which the tube vibrates, stimulating while it prevents erections. Or, to go further into fantasy, one like you mentioned in the WILL IT END IN TEARS section, with the picture of the lovely Asian lass. You suggest smaller and smaller tubes that might actually decrease the size of the penis. Imagine the possibilities.

ptathuk said...


I'm imagining!

The vibrating tube is wicked. Nice one.


Giles English said...

I think my ultimate fantasy chastity device would be stick on, like those blister patches that walkers use.

Failing that, we're back to the built in time lock that runs backwards when I get turned on.

ptathuk said...


Time running backwards is a lovely idea. Thank you.