Thursday, 9 December 2010

I Can't Explain

Apologies to the 'orible 'ho! I would imagine "Why?" being pretty high on the list of common questions, when it comes to anything fetish. - Leather, Rubber, Bondage, Spanking, Role play BDSM, oh yeah - and a favourite of mine - chastity. To almost quote Tom Alan at The Edge of Vanilla, "My favourite colours are tight and shiny".

I have always encouraged thorough, honest communication between partners. But now? Well, this one is an exception. You can discuss the 'what', but never the 'why'. My advice: Don't even try to explain why. Instead use the following as a pattern for any such conversation...

Vanilla: But why do you like to wear rubber lockable shorts over your chastity belt, that's also locked? And why do they have to be black?

Pervert: I can't tell you. I just do.

Vanilla: You're not making this any easier to understand, you know?

Pervert: Okay. Try this for size. What's your favourite colour?

Vanilla: Deep blue. You know that.

Pervert: Yes I know. But now tell me why?

Vanilla: I... I just like things that are deep blue.

Pervert: You're not making it any easier to understand, you know?

Vanilla: You're telling me that you can't tell me, because it's a matter of taste?

Pervert: I guess that's it. I can't tell you why I like the taste of some food, and hate others, that are maybe just as nutritious. I can't tell you why on a lot of things, but more to the point, neither can you.

Vanilla: So how do I get a better understanding?

Pervert: We can talk about the what, then, if there's things that turn you off, tell me.

Vanilla: So my likes and dislikes are taken into account?

Pervert: Precisely.

...And they lived happily ever after?


Anonymous said...

The pic of "Your Incentive" reminds me of an old girlfriend. And yes, she was kinky, and I could well imagine her in that scenario, too.

ptathuk said...


I suppose jealousy will get me nowhere?


Giles English said...

I think you're very right about "what" over "why". However, some women require reassurance over motivations and long term goals - e..g "I like being a man, this is just a game that turns me on..."

Anonymous said...

Hey PT - where did you get that Google Map widget in your sidebar? Is that supposed to be a stat counter? I can't find it in the Blogger widget archives.

Oh, and you don't have to be jealous. That old gf is now living a very vanilla life in another city.

firstwalt said...

Ptathuk, Nice job... especially the top 2 !

idea ? ... New Years Resolutions :)

ptathuk said...


Quite right! Security and trust are integral parts of a stable, strong bond.


The map was available when I first started the blog, or at least a couple of months after. If I remember right, I added it because you told me I was getting a lot of traffic. I was curious as to it's origins. Unfortunately it's stopped working. I thought it was because the traffic levels were so high, but your question leads me to susspect that the engine behind it is no longer available. Therefore they've removed the gadget.

Failure to convert, eh? Oh, well. Sucess with Mrs Edge, though. Hurrah!


Thank you for the encouragement. Got to get Christmas out of the way first.

Guys, Thank you. May Santa bring you stuff that requires a key!


Godys Diane said...

I understand you have been using an illegally obtained photo of me on this site which you have stolen from Fetlife and altered, adding text which did not appear on the original. This photo is copyrighted by the photographer.

Pull it NOW or legal repercussions will follow.

Thank you.

ptathuk said...

Godys Diane,

It would've helped to give the link to the post page. Eventually found it on 5 Feb 2010. The link to the photo has been removed, so it no longer appears on the page. Please check URL:

I would like to assure you that this is not a commercial site, and no income or fees have been obtained by the use of your, or any other, picture.

P.S. No need for the threat. I do respond to requests.

firstwalt said...


owch, that seemed harsh for what I'm sure was an honest mistake !

In response to your last comment to me: A very Merry Christmas to you and yours also :)

ptathuk said...

Thank you, firstwalt.


Slave said...

I'm a big fan of latex, rubber, leather. It's good to see a lot of people have a fetish for this....checkout my blog about my Femdom and chastity relationship, if you like

ptathuk said...


Would love to. How about a URL, to help out the old folk?