Sunday, 27 February 2011

AAAARRRRGGGHHHH Technology!!!!!!!

If you thought I'd fallen off the edge of the planet, in a sense I had! Don't you just love technology. Hamster trouble! All sorted now - I hope. (Everything crossed!) [Climbs down from orange box. - Breathe.]

So, anyway, meanwhile back at the fantasies...

P.S. This last one... Saw an ad for a fizzy drink called Iron Brew. (Scotish) In the ad a lady was putting on a glove, (surgical - she's a nurse) and the caption reads, "I know you've got my last can of Iron Brew, and there's only one place left to look.

See? I'm much calmer, now?


Methos said...

nice to see your return :) sorry to hear you were having technical issues... if you need any techie help in the future, let me know :D

love the new caps :D


ptathuk said...


Thank you for taking the time to comment, and for the offer of assistance.

I've been rather lazy in updating my driver set. Doing a few at a time, each day. Don't want to overdo it now, do I? Still got stability issues, finding the one that actually needs updating.

I'll get there in the end. Thanks


Giles English said...

Welcome back!

ptathuk said...

Thank you, Giles.


Throne said...

Great caps. I appreciated the emphasis on extended chastity. And the use of a cartoon was clever. Hope we'll see more of that.

ptathuk said...


Thank you for the encouragement. Glad you like them.

P.S. Still no sign of your new story (Chapter 2 of Cuckolded with Love) on Altarboy. I'll keep looking.

alan said...

The idea of me being in chastity during and after pregnancy, only unlocked for the chance to have a second baby, was hot pillow talk for my wife and I for a long time. Shame no decent devices were around back then. The thought of her coming back from the doctors, smiling, telling me she's pregnant again and that was the LAST time she needs my stiffy sends shivers through me.

ptathuk said...


Thank you for taking the time to comment.

Glad you liked the caption that was so close to home. I'm also glad you've found someone you can share this with.

Good luck to you both.


Cricketed said...

This is an extraordinary post -- like all your others.

ptathuk said...

Thank you, j.